Sam Earle and Kady Monroe



Our classroom teacher, Sandra (Sam) Earle, began teaching for Irvington Preschool in 2001. She strongly believes in Irvington’s philosophy of providing a play-based curriculum, which enables students to learn socialization skills, conflict resolution, and obtain a love of learning. Sam has a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Lewis and Clark College and a Masters of Human Resources specializing in Early Childhood Education from Pacific Oaks College. Sam taught third, fourth, and sixth grade before becoming a preschool teacher. She has two boys in their twenties, both of whom attended Irvington Preschool. She is an animal lover and has a dog and two cats,  as well as the 2 classroom guinea pigs.


kady LB teacher.jpg

Our lunch bunch teacher,  Kady Monroe has been working with children for 15 years. Her specialties are in teaching art, reading, math, movement, and yoga! Kady loves instilling a sense of community in the classroom by offering shared age appropriate experiences, by teaching songs, games, and group challenges. She also believes that fostering one on one relationships in the classroom is key for the environment to bloom. Kady is a multimedia artist of many disciplines, including sound performance, movement, weaving, macramé, painting, drawing, and collage. She also teaches Restorative and Yin yoga at Love Hive Yoga throughout the week, in addition to a kids yoga class at Drishti Yoga.