Friday, October 18 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Leah’s 5th birthday with chocolate cake and a song.  In first circle, we talked about houses, how they are different but do the same thing.  After circle, the kids were at the art table making drawings of their houses and then painting them with watercolors.  These will be in our All About Me books.  We are all alike, we all live someplace.  We are all different, we live in different homes.

At the water table, we had our last day of washing babies.  I am pretty sure those babies are cleaner than the have been for a long time!

Outside, I was able to watch as two of the kids worked with trucks for about 30 minutes.  They started by setting trucks up to push the bench into the garden.  At one point they had about eight trucks lined up.  Of course, when they pushed the last one, it caused another to jack knife losing the power to continue with the process.  At this point, the headed for the big guns, or trucks, and took the largest dump truck and tested it by sending it down the slide.  Their hope had been for it to travel to the bench and push it over into the garden.  When that didn’t work, they added a brick to the truck and watched as it sped down the slide and rammed the balance bean board causing it to move forward about 5 inches, just enough to give them the idea to try and ram the board into the garden.  So on this experiment went, adding other boards and blocks to get more leverage.  It was fabulous to watch and listen and every once in a while ask them why something happened.  They had been paying attention and knew why the truck move one board 5 inches and another 2.  Fun, fun, fun!

My thanks to Didia and Griffin for all of their help today!

Thursday, October 17 - What We Did Today!

Today everyone came in and got busy right away.  At the art table, we had watery paint and straws.  The kids chose what colors they wanted on their paper and then blew the paint around using the straw. Some of the kids enjoyed just moving the paint around with the spoons which gave us an entirely different look.

At the water table, we are finishing up our baby washing station.  The kids have enjoyed this.  They have increased their fine motor skills while undoing the soap bottle lids and then doing them back up.  They’ve experienced some early physics as they refill the bottles by placing them in tubs of water and waiting until the bubbles stop coming out to know that the bottle is full.  And, of course, they have practiced nurturing as they gently care for the baby dolls while washing them.

Play dough is always fun to work with.  This group is more into squishing and squashing playdough with no intention beyond that although, there were some snakes being made from playdough today.

Outside, there was much going on.  Josette was busy digging and filling a dump truck with dirt.  Lennox was working with dump trucks and dirt as well.  Antonia and Elise were working on walking the balance beam outside.  Both of them got to a point where they weren’t needing as much help by the end of the day.

Inside, the dramatic play area was home to Emory’s fabulous cooking.  She was baking up apples for dessert which Zeke and Lennox hijacked leaving her to start all over to feed herself!

Several puzzles were dumped on the floor and I had several offers to help me put them together again. Kit, Emory, and Grace helped with most of them and I finished the rest.  It was so nice to have help cleaning up.

My thanks to Ben and Chad for all of their help!

Wednesday, October 16 - What We Did Today!

Today we talked about our families and what makes up a family.  After circle ended, half of the kids headed to the art table to work with Melinda on a page for their All About Me books – families.  They chose bodies to represent their family members.

The water table is still set up to wash babies.  There has been a lot of gentle nurturing happening while washing at this station.  I noticed that today not only did some of the babies get to be bathe, they also got powdered and diapered.

Outside, lots of things were happening.  In the beginning, George was a monster and the kids were stopping the monster with weapons.  They were enjoying the power a game like this offers, but when I covered for George, I said I wasn’t a monster and created a balance beam that turned into a bench around the campfire.  Several kids decided to join me, and we roasted marshmallows until someone dropped a grill (small seat) in the middle of the pit and Baker added trout (sticks) to grill for dinner.  Later, I noticed that the hug monster (James) was running around grabbing hugs where he could.  The kids were having a blast!

Inside, kitties were running rampant throughout the dramatic play area.  I think Cleo is in charge of the kitties and has tried to train them as best she can.  This group of kids whether inside or outside has a great sense of storytelling.  There are stories linked to the dinosaurs in the rock table, stories linked to bands, monsters, camping almost anything goes.

We have been using our second circle time as a way to gage how our community is functioning.  The kids haven’t quite figured out what I am asking of them, but we are getting closer.  My idea is to create a space where we can discuss things that happen, good or bad, and make sure the problems were resolved or thanks given.  We will start adding an opportunity to give each other compliments as well.

My thanks to Melinda and George for all of their help today!

Tuesday, October 15

Today there was much activity outside.  At first, it was just Zeke fixing all of the woodwork in the area as I watched on.  As the kids slowly came out, the activity increased.  Josette came out and was making a garden by digging up the dirt and adding it to another area for her garden.  Lennox began by moving the dump truck up the road to take a load of dirt.  While Elise chose to slide down the slide tummy first.  Several of the kids checked out the tent I added this morning.  At one point, I think there were five to six people inside.

AT the water table, I kept the baby dolls for another week as several kids seemed to enjoy it.  Grace washes, dries off and puts the baby to bed.  Others just enjoy washing and squirting the soap bottles.

Emory was building a train track when others wanted to take over, but she held her ground and they decided to work together so that they could all use the fun bridge pieces.  Well managed.

Grace worked on the marble run and was having a great time building the spacers really high.  Next to her, Zeke was working on the magna tiles.

Remember when I told you that kids this age don’t have the ability to take turns yet?  Well, today, due to necessity, we had a short lesson in turn taking.  I was given a different trampoline from one of the Butterfly families.  It has a bar to hold onto while jumping.  The kids really liked this addition and were all attempting to get on the tramp at the same time.  We had them form a line (which did not last more than a minute) and each person was able to jump for ten counts, then they had to get off and wait for the others to do the same before they could get on again.  For many, this was impossible and so they had to be removed over and over until it was their turn.  It is not my expectation that they take turns, but I do expect them to try new things and this was a new thing and they did great!  My thanks to Emily and Kristy for all of their help today!

Monday, October 14 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Cordelia’s birthday with lemon cake and a song.  The kids seemed to like the cake as I didn’t see any in the compost.

At the art table, we finished up our self-portraits.  We added facial features with oil pastels.  As the kids gazed into the mirrors, we asked them what colors do they see in their eyes, how many colors, what is above their eyes, as we tried to get them to look closely in order to get as much as possible on their papers.  I will post these on the front bulletin board for everyone to see.  After finishing our All About Me books, these will be the covers.

Outside, the kids were mainly climbing slides and racing themselves and trucks down.  After the cake was in the oven, I went inside to see what was happening.

The first thing I noticed was the different groups working together without the interference of adults.  There were small groups of two or three working with the blocks to build a fantastic castle or washing baby dolls.  There were groups of five or six playing in the dramatic play area.  In both cases, the kids were creating their own play, including others, and solving and situations that came up.  These are amazing skills and will serve them well in Kindergarten.

There has been a lot of building lately with various materials.  Today, James, Baker, and Alex were using magna tiles to build different enclosures.  Later, the same three plus Lucy, Leah, and Oliver, were using the straws and connectors to build guns and bones.  And finally, Knox, James, and Alex were building with notched pieces that fit together in many ways.  All of this building is teaching them about balance symmetry, strong bases, creativity, many other skills.

My thanks to Brad and Allie for all of their help today!

Thursday, October 10 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids were busy with many different things.  The baby wash has been fun for all.  Grace washed her baby doll then asked me for a towel to dry her baby.  From there, she took her directly to dramatic play and tucked her in.

We tried our Autumn tree pictures again with a much better result.  Grace, Elise, and Antonia all created some beautiful trees.

Zeke started a train track and Kit added to it when he was finished.  Along came Emory and she added another large part and was working with her trains.

Kit and Thaddeus were making music up in the loft and dancing.  There are several musicians in this group, and I love watching them pick up an instrument and create! 

Lennox wandered into the kitchen area where Kit was working, and before he knew what was happening, Kit was busy serving up course after course of food.

The costumes have become very popular in the gym.  We have had lions, cats, sharks, horses, Elsa and Belles so far, and that is only the top of the costume bin!  Imagine what we will see when they get into the middle and bottom of the bin.

Josette was busy outside digging and planting.  With work gloves on, a shovel, and a watering can, off she went from one area to the next digging and planting.

The kids are beginning to get used to our schedule for the day.  They look forward to gym and can now stay sitting at the table for lunch for 15 minutes.  When parent helping, if you see something or think of something you think may be beneficial for these kids, please don’t hesitate to tell me or suggest a change to me.  I am very open to ideas and appreciate your input.  Thanks for lending me your most valued item.  I learn so much from them!

My thanks to Margaret and Nic for all of their help today!

Wednesday, October 9 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Lucy’s birthday with a song and rainbow cake!  Lucy will be 5 on Sunday.

During first circle, I read, “We are All Alike, We are All Different!” a book written by Kindergarteners.  It is a simple way of comparing people.  We are all alike, we all have bodies.  We are all different some of us are tall, some of us are small, and so forth.  I am a strong believer in pointing out differences and celebrating them.  We will be continuing on this theme as we talk about where we live, who is in our family, what we like to play and other important parts of who we are.

At the art table, the kids looked in mirrors to see what shape their heads were.  Once deciding, Amber cut out the shape from their skin colored paper, they glued it onto a book cover, and finally checked out their hair and attempted to replicate it with yarn.  On Monday, we will complete these self portraits and hang them in the front of the room for everyone to see.

At the water table, we are washing babies.  This is a very soothing job not to mention fun.  So far, the babies are as clean as a whistle.

Outside, the kids were sliding, tree climbing, mountain climbing, and creating a fishpond.  It was a beautiful Fall day to be outside.

Inside, there was various types of building going on.  James and Leah were building with magna tiles while Oliver and Baker were building with blocks and a ramp.  The magna tiles were homes and the blocks a car exhibition with jumps and crashes.  Someone had built with the train tracks creating a nice passage through trees and bridges.

My thanks to Amber and Jessica for all of their help today!

Tuesday, October 8 - What We Did Today!

Today we had no tears, a full class, and some fairly happy kids!  The art table was set for creating Autumn trees.  There was not too much interest in this other than to paint glue or paint all over hands.  Maybe another time!

The babies in the water table were some of the cleanest babies I have seen in a long time!  The kids like squirting the soap onto the babies and then wash it off.  Emory did such a great job, she decided to dry her baby off and take it to dramatic play and tuck her in to bed.

Outside, there was some ladder climbing to get to the steering wheel at the top.  This is rather risky for some kids as there are not rugs all the way up the ladder.  They have to assess the situation, check in with their body, and then decide if they want to continue and reach for the wheel or let it be.  A great opportunity to practice being aware of how their body is doing.  Josette was digging in the dirt and filling a truck and trailer with the soil.  She had to work with the frustration of others wanting her truck.  She found a solution and moved on quickly.

Back inside, many of the kids have been using the instruments in the loft.  One I have noticed quite a bit lately is the little hand drums that are manipulated back and forth in your palms causing the attached bead to hit the front of the drum and then the back.  Zeke was having fun showing others how to make them work.

After lunch, kids were up in the loft using the instruments and Ruba picked up the guitar (even with missing strings) and played with them.  It sounded great and as the others heard the music, they joined in either playing or dancing.  This went on for a good 15 to 20 minutes.  It was wonderful to hear!

My thanks to Ruba and Christine for all of their help today!

Monday, October 7 - What We Did Today!

Today we had our morning meeting and read about all the different colors of skin.  We learnt that we are all a color of brown that can be mixed with red, yellow, white, and black so off we went to mix our skin colors.

The first six kids worked very hard to get the right mixture.  It is not an easy process, but they continued adding red or white or yellow to get closer to the correct color.  Once completed, they painted a piece of white paper completely with their mixture.  This will be used as the beginning of our self-portraits.

Dave was outside with at least four other kids.  Several were climbing in the trees.  James has found a favorite place to climb and then sit down on the fence, while Baker was more into climbing the ladder and swinging off.

At the water table, we were washing, powdering, and diapering baby dolls.  The washing was a hit as was the powdering.  However, the powdering started happening in the bath water rather than on the changing table causing more washing needed which then worked into a circle of wash powder wash powder.  It didn’t seem to get beyond that.

While waiting for snack to be set-up, the kids choose quiet games to play a lone or with others.  They are getting really good at this and it gives them another opportunity to check out the manipulatives available in the shelves.

My thanks to Dave for all of his help today!

Friday, October 4 - What We Did Today!

Today we had our morning meeting and shared our thoughts.  The kids are getting pretty good at this and raising their hands in order to have a turn.  Sometimes our conversation goes on for a while as everyone wants to weigh in on what someone else said.  We are starting to have some kids ask questions of others and creating a back and forth.

At the art table, the kids made leaf prints using leaves that I had brought in.  They were various shapes and colors and the kids had red, yellow and orange to work with.  As soon as one of them put all three colors on the same leaf, the others gave it a try as well creating some beautiful patterns.

We added other tools to the water tables soapy water, whisks, eggbeater, and a spoon!  This kept several kids busy as they attempted to create the largest pile of bubbles!

Outside, the kids were busy with various things when Baker discovered a worm in the garden.  Within seconds, Leah, Naiya, June, and Lucy were circled around checking out this amazing find!  Lucy and Naiya went even further asking to hold the poor guy. 

The rocks, dinos, and forest are still offering several different skits depending on the personality of the individuals around the table.  Today there were a couple of T. Rex types and then some calm triceratops.  I like listening to the scripts and seeing how the two sometimes mix.

For our last circle, we read, The Band New Kid by Katie Couric.  We talked a bit about how someone new might feel and what we could do to help.  My thanks to James, once again, for all of his help today!

Thursday, October 3 - What We Did Today!

Today we had a tough start, so I headed outside with one of the sad kids and, of course, five followed.  They were busy climbing the slide, going down the slide, climbing the rock wall, one coming down the rock wall, digging in the dirt, and digging in the sand.  That is a lot of gross motor work going on as well as imagination.

Once everyone had calmed down a bit, I went back inside to see what was happening throughout the classroom.  The play dough was busy being squished and mushed, rolled and patted, and cut and shaped.  The art table was using brayers to cover fall leaves with paint and then taking a print by placing a piece of paper over the leaf and rubbing.  Grace was sticking to red while Elise added several layers of colors to her leave before making a print.  Antonia preferred taking a print of her hands!

We are still blowing bubbles in the water table.  This group seems to look forward to it as soon as they enter the room.  Two kids actually figured out how to make the bubbles with the straw today.  Boy, were they proud of themselves.

The gym has become Animal Kingdom live with cats, sharks, horses, and, of course, the several Elsas and Annas.  Lunch has been going better as the kids are getting use to the expectations of sitting and eating for at least 15 minutes and packing up their lunches when they are finished before going off to play.  I am hoping to get them closer to 30 minutes eventually which will allow for more conversation at the tables not to mention more food intake!

My thanks to Erin and Omari for all of their help today!

Wednesday, October 2 - What We Did Today!

Today we had a fire drill.  With everyone here today, it was great practice.  We also talked about the fire extinguisher when someone asked about a small fire.  We have fire drills monthly and if you are parent helping, your job is to take the sign-in book and usher kids to the staircase (fruit parent) or usher kids to the staircase (carb parent).  This information is on the side of the refrigerator.

At the art table, the kids were drawing on coffee filters with felt pens and then spraying the pen marks with water.  It was great to see how they were experimenting with different colors or drawing before spraying.  They even noticed that when they left their pens on the paper, the ink start sucking into the paper fibers.

The water table is full of warm bubbly water, and we are using straws to blow bubbles with.  There were tests to see who could make the largest bubble or the largest bubble mountain.

The dry table with rocks and dinos in it is very popular.  It may be because there are so many dino lovers or it may be because there is a rampage of dinos running wild through the table!  It is always interesting to watch and listen to the different skits that are created in this sensory table.  For some, it is about the rocks and discovering pyrite or jewels.  For others it is a skit involving a nice dino family and there need to leave the valley (yes, that is already a movie!)  And then there are the rampaging dinos capable of moving large rocks and dropping them on other dinos or people. All are valid and important in development, but they are also very different.

On our way from the gym to lunch, pastor Mark stopped us and asked if we would like to hear the drummers.  So, we followed him upstairs and into the sanctuary where Circle of Hope was playing and singing.  We practiced the beat while listening quietly.  It was a great extra for us to see and hear!

My thanks to Josh and George for all of their help today!

Tuesday, October 1 - What We Did Today!

Today we busy everywhere!  At the water table, the kids were making bubble mountains by blowing through straws into the soapy water.  This was a hit and many kids went back to this over and over.

The art was a step up from their liquid watercolor leaves.  They had so much fun with the leaves and droppers, I thought they would enjoy coloring with felt pens and then dropping water on top.  This is especially cool when they take a moment to notice what the colors are doing as they bleed into the filter paper.  However, as often is the case, they weren’t very interested, so we shifted to playdough to the table and started snack on the other table.

Playdough is always popular with all types of personalities.  There is the option to converse with others at the table or work quietly on your own.  You get to create what you imagine rather than something someone else dictates.  It works the hand muscles for better control and finally, it is a sensory dream that calms the angry, the frustrated, the sad, and the excited.

Dress up is popular with various kids along with cooking and other dramatic play choices.  I enjoy watching what the kids put on as well as the story line that goes with it.  Today in the gym, the dress up bin was being rummaged through the entire time.  We had princesses, cats, lions, horses, and sharks to name a few!

Many of the kids have been taking on the number puzzles.  Each puzzle is a number and that number is the number of pieces and the number of items on the frame.  Zeke made it through 8 with much persistence and focus.  My thanks to Emily and Emily for all of their help today!

Monday, September 30 - What We Did Today!

Today we read about germs and then created a germ garden from each of out individual germs!  We each had a piece of bread that we sneezed, spit or licked on.  It went into a plastic bag some water was added and we sealed the bags up.  The gardens will be in the dark for about a week and then the kids will get to see what kind of growths their germs created.

The art table was a bit of a continuation of our germ talk.  I had laid out various scrap like pieces along with tape and glue and asked the kids to create a germ.  It was fun to watch them go to it!  Some were small while others were larger, some had wings and other did not.  It was a way to continue our talk from circle.

Although cold, the sun was shining, and many kids were outside for at least a little while.  There was mountain climbing, fire truck driving, and tree climbing.  A lot of large muscle work!

Inside, Oliver and I headed to the play dough table as a way to quiet down a bit.  I told him I love the play dough table when I need to calm myself.  He said, like alone time?  Before I could answer him, three people had joined us at the table.  Well, it can be like alone time, but we can’t stop the others from joining us.  He rolled with it and was quickly well involved with the others creating cookies and pizzas.

At final circle, I read, “How Full Is Your Bucket?”   It gives kids a way to understand kind words and gestures as opposed to negative ones.  The idea is that we all have an invisible bucket and kindness from us or to us fills the bucket while mean words and acts take water out.  Ask your child how full his/her bucket is!  My thanks to Bonnie and James!

Friday, September 27 - What We Did Today!

Today we sat in circle and practiced sharing information with each other while remembering to be good listeners.  They did really well!

At the art table, we used crayon shavings, leaves, and an iron to create some beautiful window art.  Whenever we do an art project, rather than just free expression, there should be a skill involved that the kids need to work on.  In this case, the kids were building their fine motor skills.  By sharpening crayons, they had to use pressure while twisting the crayon in the sharpener.  This is not an easy task and definitely builds those finger muscles.

At the water table, we had the water wheels and the hand pumps.  Many of the kids are there because they love the water and its’ sensory feel, while others are thinking in terms of science – how can I get water out of this?  Why are only some of the wheels moving?  It took ten pumps to get this much water.

As we neared the end of free time, several kids discovered the geoboards.  With no instruction, they began adding rubber bands in various shapes.  Some made specific things such as a snowflake, while others were trying to use every knob on the board to hold a rubber band!

Outside it was a lovely day and Leah began making a sculpture using boards, rocks, and tools.  Other added on to her sculpture creating a large work of art that shows movement and yet is stable.  Lucy and Baker were busy testing the dirt for poisonous bugs.

My thanks to Amber and Griffin for all of their help today!

Wednesday, September 25 - What We Did Today!

Today this group continued to flow well together.  We took a moment during circle to read about friends and then reminded each other that four of the kids have to remember 8 new kids while 8 kids only need to remember four new kids.  Then we talked about how we can make that easier for everyone!

These kids love to sing, and we have been singing a few favorites already.  Ask your child to sing Little Leaves, I Hear Thunder, or Crinkle, Crinkle.

All of the sensory areas were busy today.  The water table included the water wheels, pouring cups, and we added some hand pumps.  Walking by, I heard James say to Alex, “The key is to keep the bottom in the water!”  Learning through experience and peer cooperation!  The play dough table was busy mainly as an opportunity to squish and squash rather than creating specific items.  There was a sensory need and the kids found what they needed to help.

It was gorgeous outside, so many kids headed out.  Allie said the kids took the balance beams set-up and changed the design working together and checking in with each other.  They were enjoying the testing when I headed out to watch.  There was also tree climbing after lunch along with rock climbing, mountain climbing, playing in the sand, and digging.  Needless to say, they were busy.

The art table was a favorite of mine and definitely a favorite of the kids.  We were using food coloring to drop onto precut leaf shapes to add to out tree branch.  Once finished, the kids continued by doing the same to fish cut outs.  Messy, but beautiful!

I am especially enjoying lunch with these kids.  They sit and carry on conversations while eating.  They have been doing a great job eating their protein for me before packing up.

My thanks to Oliver’s Grannie and Allie for all of their help today!

Tuesday, September 24 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Antonia and Thaddeus’s birthday with a song and chocolate cake.  I had some cake and it was divine!  Nice job bakers!

We had a couple of slow to warm kids this morning, but they were able to move on pretty quickly.  At the art table, the kids were using eye droppers to add food coloring to a pre-cut leaf, creating beautiful Autumn leaves.  Be sure to check them out.  They will be hanging on the tree branch in the classroom!

The water table has warm water and some pouring tools along with a couple of water wheels.  This is a great chance to practice pouring while having fun as the water goes through the wheel.  Needless to say, it is also great practice for asking “may I use that when you are finished?” rather than just taking something or yelling.  This is something we will be practicing for a while.

The trains and cars are a favorite and several of the kids are already adept at setting up a train track.  Once they get used to working with the others, they settle in to enjoy the time together.

The moon sand now has dinosaurs in it.  Shifting from cooking to dinosaurs is a big change, but the kids took it as the norm and were still enjoying their time in the sand.

The marble run and the Legos were being used to build with today.  Zeke in particular has taken on the marble run.  He puts them together then tests, adds then tests and on and on.  Most of the kids want a turn running a marble down the run, but they are nowhere to be seen during the building phases.  My thanks to Christine and Erin for all of their help.

Friday, September 20 - What We Did Today!

This group is absolutely amazing to me.  Last year we had a group of twelve mainly second siblings which took care of itself.  This year we have lost some kids and gained some kids, but all of the new kids are also second siblings.  They know the drill, they know how to enter play, and they have social emotional skills already.  They could almost run the classroom themselves!

Today, we celebrated Alex’s fifth birthday with a song and chocolate cake.  I didn’t have any cake this time, but the kids all gave it two thumbs up.  Nice work.

At the art table today, we had crayons and warming trays with paper on top.  The kids were warned about the heat and shown where they could put their hands.  That was all that was said.  As the kids came over to participate, they first began drawing on the paper, eventually, Lucy discovered how dark the colors turned as they melted onto the paper.  Others came in, some discovering what Lucy spotted and others happy just to draw.  When James got to the table, he may have remembered something from last year, or he may just have had a creative idea.  He took the paper off of the crayon and dropped it onto his paper.  Then he watched as it began to melt.  He tried to manipulate the crayon with his finger and discovered how hot the wax was, so George gave him a fork.  Within moments all of the spaces were taken as each child decided to try what James was doing.  I brought out crayons already stripped of paper and wooden sticks to manipulate the crayons with.  It was wonderful to watch as they discovered things on their own while working with the media!

Many other things were happening as well, with various groups working together.  My thanks to George and Jessica for all of their help!

What We Did Today! - Thursday, September 19

Today we had all ten of our caterpillars here.  We built marble runs while learning about stability, balance and height.  Kit, Lennox, and Zeke truly took off working through various design.

The moon sand, still a favorite, brought many to create sculptures, food, and imaginative play.  There was also quite a bit of conversation and conflict resolution.

Finally having real play dough, many kids were working with this fabulous sensory medium.  There was cutting (with scissors), flattening (with a tortilla press), and texture design.

At the art table, the kids were using crayons on paper being heated with the warming tray.  Kit really got into this as she watched a puddle of crayon wax grow.  Grace worked on a couple of sheets, while Elise chose to color a picture without the warming trays.

Eelin was first to dress up in dramatic play.  Grace and Emory followed later while they were prepping to go shopping.  Lennox joined in as he made a very long telephone call reporting on what was happening in his life!

Several kids were working on a train track.  I joined in mainly to catch the conflict opportunities of which there were several.  As we came closer to joining the track, the kids had begun to work together fairly well.

I will most likely set a time to how long the kids have to stay at the tables eating their lunch.  If one child leaves, the rest think they are missing out on something and run off without having eaten enough.  As this is prime melt-down time, no food makes for a bigger melt-down!

My thanks to Erin and Nic for all of their help today!

What We Did Today! - Wednesday, September 18

Today after signing in, we had morning circle.  The kids are getting very good at taking turns talking in circle! 

Several kids took turns holding the guinea pigs today.  Bill and Cookie seemed to take to it quickly thanks to the fresh lettuce and apples.

The playdough table was a busy place today.  I made some traditional playdough that is a much nicer sensory experience!  There were cakes, cookies, robots and flies.  I know you have heard me say the playdough is a great way for kids to talk to each other without expectations allowing them a more comfortable situation in which to join others in conversation.  Who knew that playdough could be such an important part of language and social learning?

There wasn’t to much interest in the chalk options, so it must be time to move on.  Although, James was pretty impressed with his tornado.  He colored in chalk first, then added the liquid starch which made the colors brighter and picked up chalk dust that then swirled around his picture.

There was a lot of building today.  Duplos, wooden blocks, and Magna-tiles were being used for different projects.  The wooden blocks were a monster truck track, while the Magna-tiles were built into a house.

There was a quartet in the loft playing guitar and ukes while singing and composing on the spot!  Very impressive.

My thanks to James and Sasha for all of their help.