Friday, March 16 - What We Did Today!


Today we read about being a police officer before writing about some of the tools we saw at the police department on Wednesday.  I have the kids choose at least one tool to draw and then tell me what the tool is and how it is used.  They have been doing a good job with these and today was no different.

Outside I noticed Finn and Easton working hard as they carried heavy objects up the structure and then pushed them down the slide.  Easton was also working in the sand box digging.

At the art table, the kids were making puppets using pre-sewn paper puppets as the base and adding various objects to complete them.  There were big and little buttons, fabric, ribbon, yarn, and embroidery thread to name a few.  I liked hearing what their plan was as they began adding pieces to their puppets.  Avery said his was taking a bath.  Lucy found a great way to make hair using embroidery thread.  Otto made sure his puppet had a belly button.  To each his own!

The play dough table was home to the biggest ball of play dough ever according to Barkley, and he may have been right although Dashel tried to beat it with a bigger ball.

Our quiet game time between clean up and snack has become a favorite time for this group.  When they don’t get time to play a quiet game, they will often put snack off for a bit, so they can play.  I get several pictures of this time every week as it shows me how great they have become at playing together as well as alone.  They have started playing some board games also.

With the rummage sale in the gym, we went for a treasure walk around the block.  We have a few rules – stay between the bread, don’t pick the plants, and watch out for the grass (you never know what may be hiding in there!)  We found lots of treasure.  When we returned, each kid chose one treasure from their bag and shared it with us.  I love this practice as the kids get a chance to be the center of attention and work on their vocalization skills.

My thanks to Kelly and Marya for all of their help today!

Thursday, March 15 - What We Did Today!


Today we started on our books.  The kids are each making the book that we will be writing in and placing their pictures in.  So far, six kids finished their books for publication, Bodhi, Eliza, Isla, Jubilee, Liam, and Sebastian (well, actually Angie knowing there was no way Sebastian would be seen at the art table!)  Angie was exhausted as this is a tough project for this age, but they always come through it with a darling little book.  As I get the pictures from the kids, we will be able to write the books and share them with the class!

The play dough table was full of squishers.  There were pizza makers – Bash and Stella, pancake makers – Molly and Adam, and freeform creators – Josie and Isla!

Several kids were outside with Lisa.  Josie told me she was fixing the structure again.  I’m pretty sure Sebastian was looking for worms.

The vet office has been busy this week.  Again, due to the small space, the kids are keeping the groups small – usually about three.  They are bandaging cats, listening to the heartbeat of several dogs, and giving medication to the snake and lizard.

Liam, River, and our visitor were playing with cars and the ramps.  We have a piece of gutter down spout and they were driving cars on the top at an angle as well as inside the tube at an angle.  Liam was attempting to find a way to stop the spout from moving as nothing was at the bottom to hold it in place.

At the end of the day, with no gym to play in, we went outside for a walk.  This is the first time for this group, so I had to explain the rules.  I like to tell them we are a sandwich.  The adults are the bread on the outside.  Then I ask them what they want to be in the sandwich.  This is always fun as you get peanut butter, pickles etc.  Today, Sebastian told me “I am not food.” And that was that!  It went okay, but we need some more practice before we go across streets.

My thanks to Angie and Lisa for all of their help today!

Wednesday, March 14 - What We Did Today!

We had an amazing visit at the police station today.  Officer Jamie and Officer Jason did a wonderful job showing us lots of tools they use every day.

Officer Jason went over his uniform and talked to us about each of the tools he was wearing – pepper spray, tazer, handcuffs, flashlight, dog collar/leash, keys and his vest.

We talked about what to do if we ever see a gun, don’t touch it and tell a grown up.  Why to wear a helmet when biking, skate boarding or scootering (I know, not a real word) you don’t want to crack or hit your head.  What number do you call if you are in trouble or someone is hurt, call 911.

Then we took a trip through the precinct.  We saw where the police fill out reports and other paper work, where the sergeants sit (and I do mean sergeants, there were about 5 different desks in a small room.)  Where they keep their tools.  Then we headed to a large garage that housed the mobile command center.  I think the parents and I learnt as much if not more than the kids did!  Jason drove a police car into the garage giving us a chance to see the lights and hear the radio.  He opened up all the doors and let the kids climb in and out of the front and/or the back seats.

After a picture op, we headed back to the conference room where Jamie had bags for each of the kids.  They were back packs with a coloring book and crayons, a stuffy, and some stickers.  I think this was one of the best field trips ever.

My thanks to those of you who were able to drive – Jake, Marya, Summar, Kymberli, Michelle, Margaret, Julianna, and Ali.  We couldn’t have gone without you.  Also, my thanks to Jake and  Kerri for all of their help dealing with the rest of the day!

Tuesday, March 13 - What We Did Today!


Today we were busy everywhere – including outside in the rain!  Kari was able to stay dry under the eaves, but Adam, Rowan, and Josie were running through the rain with glee.

We have a veterinarian’s office set up in the loft.  Many kids visited the area to care for dogs, cats, snakes, and lizards.  Josie was so proud as she finished up bandaging a puppy.  Jubilee was making sure that all of her patients were taking the appropriate medicine. Bash and Stella decided to work on people instead of animals and the animals became their pets.

River and Josie were cooking in the kitchen while Bodhi, Bash and Stella were under the loft planning I don’t know what, but it had to do with tongue depressors.  I removed one of the bins I had near the dry table and adjusted some of the tubes hoping to control more of the mess.  It appears to have worked, although, I am not sure if there were fewer kids using the station than normal or if the adjustment really helped.  Liam told me he needed something to reach the taller tubes.  When I asked him what he thought would work, he said a ladder.  So, I brought out the ladder and then watched as various kids maneuvered their way behind each other, around each other, and side by side on the ladder.  Bodhi and Jubilee found a way to make it work while others just waited for turns.

At the art table, we painted with a paint made from cornstarch and vinegar with food coloring to give it color.  We used Q-tips to paint with.  River took it one step farther by using the Q-tips as a point rather than a brush and consolidating the colors in their own space with the end result being pointillism.

My thanks to Aaron and Kari for all of their help today!

Monday, March 12 - What We Did Today!


Today the kids did well.  We thought with the glorious weather they would all be outside, but it was about split between inside and outside.  Henry was racing trucks.  Barkley, Easton, and Marcus were playing pirates who build things.  Mae was a unicorn cleaner.  She can push that push broom like nobody I know!  Others came and took in a small amount of vitamin D before going back inside.

Inside the water table was changed to a dish washing station with nice warm soapy water.  The dishes were cleaned many times and left to drip dry until someone else came along to wash.  The play dough table was filled with pizza and burritos as Marcus squished, smoothed, rolled and cut the play dough into various items.

I removed the extra bin from the dry table which left much less mess, but there were fewer kids playing there as well.  I will need to figure out if that was due to the change or the sun.

The loft was turned into a veterinarian’s office to help the kids work through their vet visit from last week.  As the loft is a much smaller space, fewer kids were able to be up there at the same time.  I noticed three seemed to be the most frequent number in a group.  This was left entirely to the kids.  I didn’t restrict the numbers or make any comments.  They seemed to pick up the necessary tools and jobs of the vet.

We began another Magic Tree House book today.  All of the kids sat and listened as we prepared ourselves for the Amazon!  My thanks to Andrew and Ali for all of their help.

Friday, March 9 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Mae’s 5th birthday with a song and chocolate cake.  We also headed out for our field trip to Irvington Veterinary.  We walked up 14th and down 15th back to the school. 

The visit was a bit underwhelming, but I don’t think the kids minded.  They asked some good questions and for the most part listened.  They saw the x-ray machine and an x-ray of a dog.  Otto said it was his back because you could see the tail bones.  They usually have a cat and dog belonging to the tech staff for the kids to see but not today.  I spotted a couple of cats kenneled behind glass windows for the kids to see.  This became the highlight of the trip for many.  On our way home, we spotted a cat who happily came over to us giving the kids a chance to pet her.

We had some issues with kids listening and staying “between the bread”.  The bread is the adults while the kids are inside of the sandwich.  Visually, this tells the kids there must be bread in front of them and behind them.  We had a few kids who had difficulties staying between adults, so we will work more on that before our next walking field trip.

Back at school, we had a little time to play while snack was being prepared.  Outside, kids were digging and refilling the worm home bucket.  Inside, various games were going on with cars, the dry table, and puzzles.

My thanks to all of our extra walkers – Ali, Kelly, Summar, Josh, and Kymberli – as well as to Margaret and Michelle for all of their help today.

Thursday, March 8 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Stella’s birthday with chocolate cake and a song.  There were only three bakers helping Jenny today, but they were very speedy and had the cake in the oven in no time!

Outside, Sebastian was looking for worms which lead us to a discussion of rain and worms, where they might go, and what they might do.  We did not find his “biggest worm I’ve ever found” worm, but he and Adam and I were watching raindrops on the slide.  Sebastian said, “How come the raindrops keep eating each other up?”  We watched for a while, and then I said, see how they are joining up so that they go faster?  It’s team work.  Sebastian watched for a while trying to decide if that was what was happening.  Scientific processing right in the middle of the slide!

We were beading at the art table using elastic string to make it easier to put around the kids’ heads.  There were many different color patterns (which weren’t really patterns at all) going onto the strings with many kids wearing bracelets and necklaces throughout the day.

Firefighters were putting out the fires that continued to pop up all day.  Josie especially enjoyed spraying the fire.  Bash and Stella joined in and finally Bodhi and Rowan.  We have been singing our fire drill song as a reminder of what to do when we have a fire drill.  Ask your child if they know the song.

River made me a wonderful Chinese dinner which I ate with my chop sticks.  Bash came in for a meal right after I left.  Eliza, Isla, and Jubilee were pouring seed through holes and tubes.  Liam came over and joined in for a bit as well.  Addy and Molly were playing bear families, bringing all the members of the family together.  My thanks to Jake and Jenny for all of their help today!

Wednesday, March 7 - What We Did Today!


Today these kids were remarkable!  Well, really, they are always remarkable in one way or another.  They came and got me because I had forgotten to give them a sign-in question.  Good thing someone is looking out for me.  When circle time came, they gathered and slowly mellowed in time to start circle.  And during circle, we were able to check in with each other for a feeling check.

After circle, many of the kids were outside with Jessica digging for worms and filling the pail attached to the broom.  They were all working well together.  Throughout the day, more and more kids stepped out until she had 10 kids working on various projects, but most were working as a team.  Marcus, Eddie and Easton had created a worm home in a bucket full of dirt.  I reminded them to be sure to add food which sent Easton directly into the classroom to get a carrot.  They reminded me that worms eat dirt also.  Then the three of them carried this bucket full of dirt from the garden to the structure as a team.

Inside, the art table started out overflowing, the project was crayons on sand paper then transferred to paper with the iron.  It gives a great pixel like look.  Some of the kids stayed there all free time.

All three of the sensory tables were busy throughout the day.  The playdough is always busy due to the great hand work out.  You can be soft or hard with it and both are acceptable.  At the water table, we are washing pets.  The warm water is therapeutic for many kids and helps to bring energy levels to a middle ground.  The corn in the dry table is not soothing or calming, it is just fun!  Pouring, stretching, thinking, repeat!

My thanks to Kyle and Jessica for all of their help today!

Tuesday, March 6 - What We Did Today!


What a beautiful day we had today!  The sun was shining and many of the kids headed out to enjoy all that it offered.  At first, it was just a few kids, then a few more, by the time snack was over Ginny had about 10 kids outside.  There were worm catchers and worm homes, mountain climbers and rock wall climbers, dirt diggers and sand diggers.  It goes on and on.  In the beginning, there was Jubilee, Josie and Sebastian.  Jubilee had an idea and put it into action.  She needed a rope, a broom, and a bucket with a handle.  Once found she directed her Mum to tie the rope to the handle and the broom.  She had invented a fishing pail!  The kids had fun dropping it down from the structure while others put things into the bucket and then pulling it back up.

Inside, there was colorful pasta for collage.  Only a few kids were interested in this project.  Next to it, there was red with gold glitter play dough.  We were squishing it, rolling it, adding different textures to it, and making pizza.  Rowan took some of the pasta and added them to the play dough to create a person.

In the water table, we had a pet wash station.  Each of the animals were washed at least half a dozen times!  They have never been cleaner.  At the easel, the kids are painting with “palette knives”.  Eliza and Josie decided to go a bit further and paint their hands with palette knives to paint their papers.  Eliza did such an amazing job painting her hands that she had Elsa gloves!

The corn and tubes were bombarded with various kids attempting different ways to get to the high tubes.  Bodhi discovered that he was light enough that he could stand inside of the table without breaking it and then reach everything he needed.  Rowan joined him later.

River was busy building with Legos.  He created three different types of ships.  My thanks to Trisha and Ginny for all of their help today!

Monday, March 5 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Simon’s 4 ½ birthday with a song and rainbow cake.  We had a different group of bakers than colorers today.  So, it was a great team effort!

At the art table, we were creating sculptures using wood pieces and tape.  For me the hope is to have some of the kids start to work in the three-dimensional realm rather than just two dimensions.  A couple of kids did attempt to work upwards, but most were still working on a flat plane.  They were all very involved though, and that was great to see.  Otto said to me, “You know, it’s called sculpture when they don’t know what it is.”

We were washing pets in the water table.  We had a cat, dog, lizard, and bear being given baths with good scrubs all over.  Watch out for the stuffed animals at home.  This activity somethings passes over to home without anyone realizing!

Outside, Mae was adding dirt to a chair outside.  I asked her if it was to sit in or was it a sculpture?  She said, “to sit on,” then proceeded to sit down on the dirt seat.  “How does it feel,” I asked.  “Dirty!”  She later decided it was a good pad for the chair.

Several different games were going on in the front area.  Firefighters were busy for a bit but then moved on to shark boy and his Mum.  Many kids began to slow down and moved to the building area working with Legos or bristle blocks.  Simon and Henry were playing with the cars and ramps.  I heard some great observations when something didn’t work such as – your car must be heavier than mine, it’s not stable enough – great science inquiry.

My thanks to Kristin and Marya for all of their help today!

Friday, March 2 - What We Did Today!


Today we were inside most of the day.  At first circle, we talked a bit and then I read “The Great Race” a story about how the Jade emperor picked the order of the animals for the calendar.  I was amazed and pleased to see more and more kids stop and pay attention to the story instead of talking to each other.  They did really well.

At the art table, we were checking on direction taking as kids listened to Kyle give directions in making a lantern for the last day of Chinese New Year.  This is not an easy task, but the kids, and Kyle, persisted until they had completed their lanterns.  They come with a tea candle that actually can be lit, but of course, I would keep an eye on it until it is extinguished!

Many of the kids have been working at the woodworking area inventing different things.  Otto and Avery have been working together on a kite for about a week now.  They are using wood, string, nails, foam, and a number of other invention items.  Their thought process has been inspiring to listen to.  Simon and Lillian have also spent much time there.

The last day of the water beads was one of squish, mush, and squash!  It is truly a sensory experience.  The corn and tubes are always a joy for the kids.  I noticed that with the space around the table so small, it has discouraged too many kids from joining at one time.  They eventually all get there, just not in a large group.  Four is about the max.

Aesa, Lucy, and Bing were enjoying some Chinese food in the dramatic play area.  They asked my if it was okay to move Pippa from the table so Lucy would have a seat.  I said just ask her.  They are not buying the idea that these are real kids, but I am still working on the “real” preschoolers!

My thanks to Kyle and Summar for all of their hard work today!


Thursday, March 1 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Bodhi’s birthday with rainbow cake and a song.  The colors were beautiful in the cake.  It almost made it too pretty to eat – almost!

Outside, Sebastian and Josie were searching for worms.  We found some good-sized ones and carried them around for a while.  Eventually, they were let go into the dirt.  Molly and Margot were doing woodworking on the play structure.  The maintenance necessary for the structure is never ending!

Inside, there was a multitude of things going on.  Several kids are enjoying the corn and tubes.  It is great to watch how they manipulate their environment in order to work with each of the various tubes.  There is climbing, stretching, and finding various objects to stand on.

At the art table, we were making lanterns for Chinese New Year and/or finishing our dragons.  The lanterns were a cutting exercise as well as lanterns.  The kids had to follow directions and fold and cut their paper where the lines were.  The second part to our dragons was to add some paper trailers to the head they had already painted.  The dragons fly and look great just hanging from above.

Firefighters were busy throughout the day putting out fires in the loft and the reading area, as well as several other places in the classroom.  Later, I asked who would like to be a fire fighter.  I got two for fire fighters and five for ballerinas. 

Many of the kids have been working with the manipulatives such as the Legos, bristle blocks, and Widgets.  Today they were also playing with the memory game, the wok game, and some puzzles.  My thanks to Rachel and Kai for all of their help today.

Wednesday, February 28 - What We Did Today!


Today we were on fire!  They were busy moving, stretching, running, and everything else they did was at an amazing speed – oh, except clean up!  Outside they were digging in the sandbox with Kymberli and they made a tunnel, mountains, and rivers.  They had a blast.  When they finally came back inside, they were cold and happy!

We celebrated Lillian’s 4 ½ birthday with chocolate cake and a song.  Michelle had 10 kids helping her with the cake.  It received two thumbs up from the bakers and most of the eaters.

At the art table, kids set out to make dragons for Chinese New Year.  There were no directions just different shapes of paper, staplers, tape, crayons, scissors, and glue.  The kids decided what they wanted to add, what they would use to add it, and how much they would need to create their dragon.  They were not concerned about their dragon looking the same as anyone else's dragon.  Pure internal motivation!

The corn and boxes once again took center stage as four to five kids would work in the small space.  They were pouring corn down tubes, adding cars, climbing to reach what they needed, and catching corn at the other end of the tube to collect so that they could start again.

The water beads are a sensory delight with their beautiful colors and slippery feel.  This group seems to prefer squishing them rather measuring or pouring them.

Firefighters were out and about for a bit putting out fires in the loft and other parts of the classroom.

My thanks to Michelle and Kymberli for all of their help today!

Tuesday, February 27 - What We Did Today!


Today I noticed a definite need for a preschool day!  And not because of the parent sighs at drop off.  There was much energy throughout the room.  Everything would be buzzing and then out of nowhere, there would be crying or yelling.  After checking out the problem and helping problem solve, it would be buzzing again until the next shout.  All things considered, they did fine and it never hurts to revisit empowerment and problem-solving skills.

Outside, Sebastian found a worm which he carried around for a while.  Sarah told me that the worm eventually became a crash car dummy as he was placed in the driver’s seat of a truck before being sent down the slide.

We celebrated Adam’s 4th birthday with a song and lemon cake.  The bakers today apparently did a good job as most of the cake was in tummies not the compost.

At the art table, we used red and gold paints to create a design that will later become a dragon head in celebration of Chinese New Year.

In the dry table, I have set up a contraption of boxes and tubes along with cracked corn for pouring into various places.  Today I noticed kids working at three different levels of the table.  One child was standing on the lip of the table allowing himself to reach up to a tube above the rest, another was on the box under the table giving her about a foot more of height to  see what and where she was pouring and the third was standing on the floor pouring into a tube right at her level or bending to take corn out of the big box next to the table.  In each instant, the child in question must balance their body, be comfortable with their position, stretch to reach tubes, be aware of others nearby, and still be able to pour corn through small tubes.  I would say those kids knew their bodies and what they were capable of.

My thanks to Kari and Sarah for all of their help today!

Monday, February 26 - What We Did Today!


Today the kids were quick to join up with others in various areas and play well together.  This went on until clean up time.

Outside, a few kids were running around.  Finn found treasure and kept Richard out for most of the morning.

The play dough is red with glitter added in honor of Chinese New Year.  We talked a bit about the holiday, cleaning house, red envelops with lucky money, oranges for good fortune and the dragon dance.  We painted some fans at the art table to add to our dramatic play.

We have Chinese clothing for dress up and various types of Asian food and utensils.  There is a wok, bowls for rice, tea pots with small cups, and bamboo steamers.  Several kids were enjoying a meal they made together while in full character.

I had just put together a set of boxes with tubes and corn so there was much interest there.  My boxes had disappeared, so I had to compromise with smaller ones.  Otto helped me had some tubes to the contraption.  I have seen a lot of sensory areas using corn as the medium, so I was surprised when I found out how messy it was.  I think it was worse than sand!  This didn’t stop the kids, they were climbing chairs, standing on the table edge, bending under the box, and retrieving corn from all over.  You have to have a good understanding of your body to be comfortable doing all of these things.  There was a bit of trouble working in the same space, but as soon as I remembered to back out and let them figure it out, they did great.

The water table was once more home to the fire extinguishers and flames to battle.  This is great hand eye coordination as well as strengthening hand muscles.  My thanks to Ali and Richard for all of their help today!

Tuesday, February 20 - What We Did Today!


Today many kids were outside in the snow with Aaron.  He was so great, he was making snowballs for the kids to throw at him!  When I was out checking the action, the kids were making a snowman on the picnic table.  We even added a carrot nose!

Inside, it was much warmer.  We had red play dough in honor of Chinese New Year.  At the table, we added gold glitter making it even more of a sensory experience.  The kids were making lots of interesting things, one even tried painting the dough.

The water table is set up with some fire flames and red plastic squirt bottles.  The idea is to put out the fire by squirting water at the base of the flame.  This action builds eye hand coordination, hand strength, and the knowledge of using a fire extinguisher (kind of!)

The wild animals were in the dry table with the forest.  Several kids were setting up animals with ideas of what the game they were going to play would look like.  Luckily, not everyone had the same idea leaving some opportunity to practice problem solving skills.

Addy, Sebastian and I were making music together in the loft.  The fire station is set up there, but with so many kids outside, no one seemed to need the area to fight fires.

In general, these kids did a great job today.  They handled themselves well while working with each other to solve problems.  My thanks to Brittni and Aaron for all of their help today!

Friday, February 16 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Edie’s 4 ½ birthday with rainbow cake and a song.  Since were had a field trip, I made the cake a head of time.  As I was ready to put it into the oven, I realized I had forgotten the sugar (definitely not okay!)  I sprinkled it on top of the cake and attempted to mix it without messing up the rainbow part of the cake (brown is not a color of the rainbow!)  Most of the kids like it and Edie took home the left overs, so it must have been at least edible.

Our field trip to the fire station went really well.  The kids did a great job listening as Firefighter Brian showed us lots of tools that they use to fight fires with.  They learnt that the fire truck is the one with the ladder and the fire engine is the one with the water.  They saw three different sizes of hoses and couplers, several chainsaws, a New York pick, and axes. 

I think their favorite part was climbing into the cab of the fire engine.  Brian took three kids at a time, let them look around, and asked them if they had any questions.  Simon found a lock box and wanted to know first what it was and second what the combination was.

Firefighter Brian dressed up in all of his gear, I do mean all, to let the kids see what he would look like if they were in a fire and needed help.  He talked through his mask with the oxygen on giving us a great impression of Darth Vader.  We then reiterated that it was just firefighter Brian and he would keep you safe.  The kids were given a homework assignment to come up with a meeting place outside of their houses in case of a fire.

Back at school, we had a bit of time for some play before it was snack time, then cake, and finally gym.

My thanks to all of our drivers as well as to Jessica and Michelle for their help today!

Thursday, February 15 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Sebastian’s 4th birthday with a song and confetti cake.  Ginny surprised us with a bucket of what I call water balls.  I don’t know the real name.  You take a small packet of granules which appear to be no bigger than granulated sugar, add water, and presto, the grains absorb the water and grow to about ¾ of an inch.  At this point, they are bouncy, squishy, and a lot of fun.  Thanks Ginny!

Not much interest at the art table.  Perhaps because the weather was so wonderful.  It called to many kids.  Sebastian was searching for bugs.  He found several worms and a caterpillar.  He put the worms into a bucket that the butterfly class had created as a worm home while he carried the caterpillar everywhere with him.  When he joined the pirates, his caterpillar was his crew.  Speaking of pirates, the play structure became a pirate ship and Bodhi and Sebastian were sword fighting the pirates while Adam sent his pirate ship into the battle.  Liam was out digging for treasure while Jubilee was climbing mountains!

Inside, we had a couple of small tubs with warm water, a bottle of soap, a scrub brush and a pet that needed washing.  There is something about warm soapy water that is very calming.  Dramatic play was mainly about a restaurant.  There are many good cooks in this class and they excel in this environment.

River, Liam, and Eliza were playing wild animals using the forest as a home for some of the animals.  River told me he would like it if his lion just became real.  I thought that would be cool too!

In the science area, I put up a sheet to encourage shadow puppet play.  Rowan did a great job amusing his audience with an Auk and a groundhog.

My thanks to Jesse and Angie for all of their help today

Wednesday, February 14 - What We Did Today!


Happy Valentine’s Day!  We enjoyed decorating cookies and opening valentines today.  The rule is no candy until you check with your family.  This was tough, but everyone handled it well.

We wrote another page for our community book about the post box or mail carrier.  We are tracking how long it takes for the letters we mailed on Monday to be delivered.  At this point with only one mail day passed, no one had received their letters.  We will check again on Friday.  Many of the letters had to be rerouted as I only had the original address, so they may take a bit longer.

Outside, Edie was creating a home for worms.  She worked very hard making it just right.  Easton was using the wood circles to make a balancing track, jumping from one to the next.

Marcus and Simon were using ramps to race cars.  The ramps were various types and styles as were the cars.  They created different places and slopes with the ramps keeping what they liked and moving what they didn’t.

In the loft, there were several wild animals.  They were trying to keep away from the animal catcher who seemed to be prowling around their area.  The best part of all of this was as I listened in each of the areas, the kids were giving ideas to the group, taking ideas from others in the group, and working the storyline out as a team.  This is a wonderful skill and necessary as they move forward into the world.

After snack, we took our valentine boxes to the gym where we looked at each of the valentines we received.  There were lots of “ohhs”, and “ahhs” and “I got candy!”  My thanks to Kyle and Julianna for all of their help today!

Tuesday, February 13 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Valentine’s Day with decorated cookies, valentines and a special valentine story, One Zillion Valentines.

The kids were doing a great job decorating their cookies for snack time and most had no trouble waiting to eat them until snack.  They spread the icing on their own and sprinkled colored sugar on top.  Yum, check out Adam’s face as he bites into his cookie.  That says it all!

At the art table, the kids were using droppers to drip liquid watercolors onto our special filter-like paper heart shapes.  The variation of colors through the blending process is pretty cool to watch.  Those that worked on this project couldn’t do just one.  They wanted to repeat the process several times.

Outside, there were bug catchers who discovered several weevils amongst a pile of leaves.  They were fascinating to watch, and I found myself wanting to check and get more information about them to share with the kids.  As the group changed outside, so did the activities.  Rowan and Adam were climbing the trees while Sebastian looked on.  They were “eating creepy carrots which give you power.”  Later, Adam and Molly were helping sweep up.  Adam had discovered that the sand on the top level of the play structure was coming down through the cracks onto his head while he was under the structure. 

Back inside for clean-up, then off to the gym along with our valentine boxes to check out what was delivered.  Thanks to all of you for your help with the valentines, I know that the kids had fun checking them all out!

My thanks to Rachel and Trisha for all of their help today!