Monday, September 30 - What We Did Today!

Today we read about germs and then created a germ garden from each of out individual germs!  We each had a piece of bread that we sneezed, spit or licked on.  It went into a plastic bag some water was added and we sealed the bags up.  The gardens will be in the dark for about a week and then the kids will get to see what kind of growths their germs created.

The art table was a bit of a continuation of our germ talk.  I had laid out various scrap like pieces along with tape and glue and asked the kids to create a germ.  It was fun to watch them go to it!  Some were small while others were larger, some had wings and other did not.  It was a way to continue our talk from circle.

Although cold, the sun was shining, and many kids were outside for at least a little while.  There was mountain climbing, fire truck driving, and tree climbing.  A lot of large muscle work!

Inside, Oliver and I headed to the play dough table as a way to quiet down a bit.  I told him I love the play dough table when I need to calm myself.  He said, like alone time?  Before I could answer him, three people had joined us at the table.  Well, it can be like alone time, but we can’t stop the others from joining us.  He rolled with it and was quickly well involved with the others creating cookies and pizzas.

At final circle, I read, “How Full Is Your Bucket?”   It gives kids a way to understand kind words and gestures as opposed to negative ones.  The idea is that we all have an invisible bucket and kindness from us or to us fills the bucket while mean words and acts take water out.  Ask your child how full his/her bucket is!  My thanks to Bonnie and James!