Friday, September 27 - What We Did Today!

Today we sat in circle and practiced sharing information with each other while remembering to be good listeners.  They did really well!

At the art table, we used crayon shavings, leaves, and an iron to create some beautiful window art.  Whenever we do an art project, rather than just free expression, there should be a skill involved that the kids need to work on.  In this case, the kids were building their fine motor skills.  By sharpening crayons, they had to use pressure while twisting the crayon in the sharpener.  This is not an easy task and definitely builds those finger muscles.

At the water table, we had the water wheels and the hand pumps.  Many of the kids are there because they love the water and its’ sensory feel, while others are thinking in terms of science – how can I get water out of this?  Why are only some of the wheels moving?  It took ten pumps to get this much water.

As we neared the end of free time, several kids discovered the geoboards.  With no instruction, they began adding rubber bands in various shapes.  Some made specific things such as a snowflake, while others were trying to use every knob on the board to hold a rubber band!

Outside it was a lovely day and Leah began making a sculpture using boards, rocks, and tools.  Other added on to her sculpture creating a large work of art that shows movement and yet is stable.  Lucy and Baker were busy testing the dirt for poisonous bugs.

My thanks to Amber and Griffin for all of their help today!