Wednesday, September 25 - What We Did Today!

Today this group continued to flow well together.  We took a moment during circle to read about friends and then reminded each other that four of the kids have to remember 8 new kids while 8 kids only need to remember four new kids.  Then we talked about how we can make that easier for everyone!

These kids love to sing, and we have been singing a few favorites already.  Ask your child to sing Little Leaves, I Hear Thunder, or Crinkle, Crinkle.

All of the sensory areas were busy today.  The water table included the water wheels, pouring cups, and we added some hand pumps.  Walking by, I heard James say to Alex, “The key is to keep the bottom in the water!”  Learning through experience and peer cooperation!  The play dough table was busy mainly as an opportunity to squish and squash rather than creating specific items.  There was a sensory need and the kids found what they needed to help.

It was gorgeous outside, so many kids headed out.  Allie said the kids took the balance beams set-up and changed the design working together and checking in with each other.  They were enjoying the testing when I headed out to watch.  There was also tree climbing after lunch along with rock climbing, mountain climbing, playing in the sand, and digging.  Needless to say, they were busy.

The art table was a favorite of mine and definitely a favorite of the kids.  We were using food coloring to drop onto precut leaf shapes to add to out tree branch.  Once finished, the kids continued by doing the same to fish cut outs.  Messy, but beautiful!

I am especially enjoying lunch with these kids.  They sit and carry on conversations while eating.  They have been doing a great job eating their protein for me before packing up.

My thanks to Oliver’s Grannie and Allie for all of their help today!