Tuesday, September 24 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Antonia and Thaddeus’s birthday with a song and chocolate cake.  I had some cake and it was divine!  Nice job bakers!

We had a couple of slow to warm kids this morning, but they were able to move on pretty quickly.  At the art table, the kids were using eye droppers to add food coloring to a pre-cut leaf, creating beautiful Autumn leaves.  Be sure to check them out.  They will be hanging on the tree branch in the classroom!

The water table has warm water and some pouring tools along with a couple of water wheels.  This is a great chance to practice pouring while having fun as the water goes through the wheel.  Needless to say, it is also great practice for asking “may I use that when you are finished?” rather than just taking something or yelling.  This is something we will be practicing for a while.

The trains and cars are a favorite and several of the kids are already adept at setting up a train track.  Once they get used to working with the others, they settle in to enjoy the time together.

The moon sand now has dinosaurs in it.  Shifting from cooking to dinosaurs is a big change, but the kids took it as the norm and were still enjoying their time in the sand.

The marble run and the Legos were being used to build with today.  Zeke in particular has taken on the marble run.  He puts them together then tests, adds then tests and on and on.  Most of the kids want a turn running a marble down the run, but they are nowhere to be seen during the building phases.  My thanks to Christine and Erin for all of their help.