Friday, September 20 - What We Did Today!

This group is absolutely amazing to me.  Last year we had a group of twelve mainly second siblings which took care of itself.  This year we have lost some kids and gained some kids, but all of the new kids are also second siblings.  They know the drill, they know how to enter play, and they have social emotional skills already.  They could almost run the classroom themselves!

Today, we celebrated Alex’s fifth birthday with a song and chocolate cake.  I didn’t have any cake this time, but the kids all gave it two thumbs up.  Nice work.

At the art table today, we had crayons and warming trays with paper on top.  The kids were warned about the heat and shown where they could put their hands.  That was all that was said.  As the kids came over to participate, they first began drawing on the paper, eventually, Lucy discovered how dark the colors turned as they melted onto the paper.  Others came in, some discovering what Lucy spotted and others happy just to draw.  When James got to the table, he may have remembered something from last year, or he may just have had a creative idea.  He took the paper off of the crayon and dropped it onto his paper.  Then he watched as it began to melt.  He tried to manipulate the crayon with his finger and discovered how hot the wax was, so George gave him a fork.  Within moments all of the spaces were taken as each child decided to try what James was doing.  I brought out crayons already stripped of paper and wooden sticks to manipulate the crayons with.  It was wonderful to watch as they discovered things on their own while working with the media!

Many other things were happening as well, with various groups working together.  My thanks to George and Jessica for all of their help!