What We Did Today! - Thursday, September 19

Today we had all ten of our caterpillars here.  We built marble runs while learning about stability, balance and height.  Kit, Lennox, and Zeke truly took off working through various design.

The moon sand, still a favorite, brought many to create sculptures, food, and imaginative play.  There was also quite a bit of conversation and conflict resolution.

Finally having real play dough, many kids were working with this fabulous sensory medium.  There was cutting (with scissors), flattening (with a tortilla press), and texture design.

At the art table, the kids were using crayons on paper being heated with the warming tray.  Kit really got into this as she watched a puddle of crayon wax grow.  Grace worked on a couple of sheets, while Elise chose to color a picture without the warming trays.

Eelin was first to dress up in dramatic play.  Grace and Emory followed later while they were prepping to go shopping.  Lennox joined in as he made a very long telephone call reporting on what was happening in his life!

Several kids were working on a train track.  I joined in mainly to catch the conflict opportunities of which there were several.  As we came closer to joining the track, the kids had begun to work together fairly well.

I will most likely set a time to how long the kids have to stay at the tables eating their lunch.  If one child leaves, the rest think they are missing out on something and run off without having eaten enough.  As this is prime melt-down time, no food makes for a bigger melt-down!

My thanks to Erin and Nic for all of their help today!