What We Did Today! - Wednesday, September 18

Today after signing in, we had morning circle.  The kids are getting very good at taking turns talking in circle! 

Several kids took turns holding the guinea pigs today.  Bill and Cookie seemed to take to it quickly thanks to the fresh lettuce and apples.

The playdough table was a busy place today.  I made some traditional playdough that is a much nicer sensory experience!  There were cakes, cookies, robots and flies.  I know you have heard me say the playdough is a great way for kids to talk to each other without expectations allowing them a more comfortable situation in which to join others in conversation.  Who knew that playdough could be such an important part of language and social learning?

There wasn’t to much interest in the chalk options, so it must be time to move on.  Although, James was pretty impressed with his tornado.  He colored in chalk first, then added the liquid starch which made the colors brighter and picked up chalk dust that then swirled around his picture.

There was a lot of building today.  Duplos, wooden blocks, and Magna-tiles were being used for different projects.  The wooden blocks were a monster truck track, while the Magna-tiles were built into a house.

There was a quartet in the loft playing guitar and ukes while singing and composing on the spot!  Very impressive.

My thanks to James and Sasha for all of their help.