What We Did Today! - Tuesday, September 17 

Today we had a much easier start of the day.  After settling in, we made a strawberry cake for Grace for her birthday.  Happy birthday Grace!

We were missing three kids, so with just 7 kids, 3 adults, and a fourth adult for a short period in the middle, there was lots of available help for the conflicts as they occurred.

There was much going on throughout the room.  A train track was built by various kids at various times of the day.  At one point, four kids were playing on the tracks at the same time.  That’s pretty good.

Our art table had chalk, liquid starch and paper on it, but, appropriately, the kids were interested in doing some gluing instead, so we added several glue jars and brushes and trays of tissue paper in various colors.  The kids had created their own project which is as it should be with me finding the materials they needed while they created!

Zeke and Kit were working with Jillian on the marble run.  They tried many different ways to attach the runs and then tested out the run before adding more. 

The moon sand is a favorite with the kids and me.  It brings kids together without having to interact until they are ready.  It also allows for conflict has tools are taken from hands, sand is horded, or creations destroyed.  Conflict is good.  It is the only way kids can learn to solve social problems and become empowered.

My thanks to Emily and Margaret for all of their help today!