What We Did Today! - Monday, September 16th

Today we had a first circle, counted, and talked with each other.  The kids did a great job raising hands and listening to others.  The guineas were introduced, and kids were able to pet Cookie while some meeting him for the first time.

After circle, the kids took over.  They jumped right into their work.  There were stories being created in the dramatic play and acted out.  My favorite was the group of players driving to camp out. 

Another group was building with Duplos.  Once started these guys created a storyline having to do with dinosaurs.  I asked them if they wanted me to get out the class dinos and they thought that would be a good idea.  From there, their storyline moved beyond one dino in his house to many dinos building houses, cars, and other necessary spaces for the dinos.

At the writing table, Naiya and Lucy were creating some very fancy designs using felt pens.  They were there for quite a while before moving on to the moon sand.

The moon sand is a favorite and a great way to comfort kids having difficulties.  Partly due to the sensory stimulation they receive while squishing and molding the sand, but they can play side by side and join into conversations when they are ready.

At second circle, we read June’s treasure observation book.  I am so proud of these kids!  Some of them are writing their names as well as writing some words in their books.

My thanks to Rebecca and Michelle for all of their help today!