Wednesday, May 8 - What We Did Today!

Today I wasn’t sure what would happen with our walk out, but we tested it out and you won’t believe what an amazing job these kids did!  We started with a talk about why the teachers were not having school today.  Many of the kids have older sibs who had the day off today because of it.  Then I read them a book called “If you’re going on a march.”   It covers the weather, clothes, snacks, and signs.  It tells you what to expect including some boring parts (I’m not a fan of the word boring, but it is something they understand!)

We followed this up with some ideas for signs we could make.  There was we need more money, not hitting, no picking flowers, as well as we are the future.  Once the kids got to the sign making table, Tony and I tried to help them relate to the actual protest.  For instance, We need apples was easily changed to We need education.  I need money was tougher although we thought it would work to change it to schools need more money it wasn’t being bought.  Everyone needs education became education (easier to write!)

Anyway, you get the idea.  While kids were making signs, those finished went outside and stood at the fence and began chanting and holding up their signs.  Others joined as they finished their signs.  They received about 8 cars that honked.  It was great and I was so proud of them.  By the time they were tiring out and the signs had all been finished, it was time for clean-up and snack.  So, our walk became a standing protest!

They absolutely made my day!  They are our future and if they continue to stand up for what they believe is right!  There is hope for this country!

My thanks to Cassie, Forest, Keene, and Tony for all of their help!