Monday, May 20 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Bash’s 5th birthday with a song and chocolate cake.  The cake was gooey and good!

During circle as a way to wind up our community project, we read “His Name Is Joe”, a book about a homeless man.  It was based on the “Sisters of the Road” café in Portland.  From there, we were able to talk about what a homeless person might need to stay healthy.  There was one restriction – it had to fit in an 8 x 8 bag.  The answers came quickly, and I was having troubles keeping up.  Here are some of the responses – Protein bars, Gatorade, toothbrushes, hairbrush, and toothpaste.  I explained the project.  Choose what you think someone without a home might need, buy it, and we will put it into a bag for the church to give out.  If you are one of the parents reading this, more is coming via email today!

From there, the kids went to the art table and using fabric crayons, drew a picture or design on paper, and then Violet ironed it onto the fabric bags.

In the dramatic play area, Addy was pretending to be sick while Dr. Eliza and nurse Liam gave her a checkup and food.  She had bandages on her cheeks and in her hair.  Hopefully, they were able to heal her!

Outside, I started digging in the dirt to try and level the ground out and discovered that the garden bed boards were rotting.  Simon immediately found ants and eggs in large numbers.  All of the kids were checking it out.  Margot, Liam, and Simon were also using the cars to cruise up the slide while Lex was busy cruising down in the roller coaster.

One of our last acts before gym, we let the butterflies go.  It seems a little cold, but they should be fine – as long as they actually fly away.  Last I saw they were just sitting on the dirt or a plant.

My thanks to Violet and Lisa for all of their help today.