Thursday, May 2 - What We Did Today!

Today we had a lot going on.  To start us off, butterflies began emerging from their chrysalides allowing kids to crowd around and see the process.  It was very cool!  This went on from 9:15 through 11:00 during snack as three different chrysalides broke open.

I was able to take dictation for both June and James finishing the last of the “My Family” books!  Now we are ready for the Authors’ Tea.  James and I were at the play dough table writing when first one, then another kid came over to check out the play dough.  This group has really missed the play dough.  By the time James and I had finished, the table was full of kids using the play dough and the tools squishing, squashing and rolling play dough.

We also had a family visiting while all of this was going on.  Henry and Emma were looking into Irvington to see if we were a good fit.  Lisette and others showed them different parts of the classroom helping them to feel comfortable.

At the art table, we were working with melting crayons while drawing on a heated piece of paper.  The heat was coming from a warming tray.  Some of the kids had so much fun experimenting, they left their crayons on the paper to sit for a while causing a puddle of color.  This led to some swirling of colors.  After school, I had several kids ask if they could do it again.  I think it may have to be repeated to allow for them to complete some of the processes not yet explored.

In the dry table, the kids added some water to the dirt making it muddier which they must have liked as they continued their play afterward.  My thanks to George and Alycia for all of their help today!