Thursday, May 16 - What We Did Today!

Today the class quickly broke into thirds with about four kids outside, three in the doctor area and five at the art table!  From there, they moved smoothly from one area to another with minimal conflict.

At the art table, they were gluing confetti on black paper.  My idea was that they would draw with the glue and then pinch and drop the confetti onto the paper, shake it off, and voila! One of the best parts of my job is when the kids take the tools and supplies I have put out for them and then do something totally different than anticipated!  You should have seen the fine motor skills developing as they made tiny dots of glue, picked up individual pieces of confetti, and carefully placed them in the glue.  They knew exactly what they needed to work on!

In the doctor’s office, Doctor Cordelia was working with Elliette trying to get her to take her medicine.  I don’t think she was getting very far.  Later, Dr. Cordelia, Dr. Elliette, and Dr. June were trying to save some babies with booboos.

Outside, the kids were digging for treasure.  One form of treasure was a skinny little worm that Baker found.  They continued digging, although I am not sure if anything else was found.

The water table was very busy today.  Several kids were changing the set-up in order to control the flow of the water.  It was really fun to watch as one would say “stop up that pipe” or “how can we make it go up this here”.

We spoke for a bit about our last day picnic.  I will be sending you an email with more information.  My thanks to Alicia and Griffin for all of their help today!