Wednesday, May 15 - What We Did Today!

Today some of the kids took the opportunity to hold the butterflies!  The butterflies weren’t as cooperative as they usually are.  I was wondering if that was because we waited longer for them to mature before attempting to hold them.  The pictures are wonderful, so be sure to take a look.

We started our first circle working on some of the final parts of our community books.  Despite not having very many field trips, we still have several pages of jobs in the community.  Our tea will be on Friday at 12:00!

Many of the kids outside were busy with the roller coaster.  They really enjoy having it set-up again.

A group of kids decided to move everything from the dramatic play area to the loft – just because.  I should have taken a picture of it as it was heaped up.  Of course, clean-up time arrived and even with the regular warnings of “you will have to put everything back” they did not want to clean-up.  Everything worked out in the end, and I think they figured out whether or not they would try it again!

With all of the extra energy and noise, I want to thank Tony and Lisa for hanging in there today!