Tuesday, May 14 - What We Did Today!

Today some of the kids took the opportunity to hold the butterflies!  They said it tickled their fingers.  Some of the kids choose not to hold them as they were so busy with other things.

At the art table, the kids were painting with watercolors.  The only rule I gave them was to stick with only one palette, either red, orange and yellow – a warm palette or green, blue, and violet – a cool palette.  The kids don’t really understand why I do this, but it is to give them a chance to explore the colors and how they mix without running into the muddiness that comes with mixing contrasting colors.  Several of the kids even tried the rock salt or the Epsom salts to see what would happen.

I had set out a busy town game that included airplanes and soon I had a group of kids flying around while the game was kicked a side.  They had created their own game without the need for the board and extra pieces, the airplanes were enough!

Despite the rain, several kids headed outside off and on.  There was lots of roller coaster riding, but also some river building.  First rain in a while means water in the rain barrel again.

The water tubes were still popular, and several kids worked on finding ways to make the water flow one way or another.

My thanks to George and Ayo for all of their help today!