Monday, May 13 - What We Did Today!

Today was a perfect day to be outside!  Not to hot, not to cold, and not raining.  The kids outside with Kristen were busy with various jobs.  Margot, Lex and Molly were busy taking apart and rebuilding the roller coaster car.  They were using saws, hammers, and wrenches.  Later, I was able to see how well it was running as Bash, Eliza, Rowan and many others rode down the coast.  Liam and Simon were playing their regular car game outside, throwing cars up the ramp to see where they land on the other side.  Bash, Sebastian and River were busy in their shady tree area climbing and talking about zombies.

Inside, the art table project, yep, it was a project, was to use a picture of a body and dress it the way you would dress for the job you would like to do when you grow up. I enjoyed watching what the kids chose.  They had to add one tool that they would need to use on their job.  We had a ballerina with a tutu, a basketball player with a basketball, an astronaut with a helmet, and a police officer with handcuffs to name a few.  We will be finishing our books and celebrating them at the Authors’ Tea on Friday the 17th.

At the water table, kids were building with the pipes trying to get the water as high as they could by closing off the lower pipes and then building the others up high.  Later, they went back to blowing through the tubes to force the water upwards and out through the upper pipes.  Other than the water all over the floor, it was a fascinating exercise, and watching it grow into a thinking and theorizing game, I didn’t worry to much about the water.

My thanks to Aaron and Kristen for all of their help!