Friday, May 10 - What We Did Today!

Today there was a lot to do.  At circle we talked about our time with Rachel when she talked to us about photography.  Then I had each of the kids choose a subject to take a photograph of.  Many kids chose the butterflies or guineas while others chose portraits.  These will be in our books.

Anthony helped us with wrapping our Mothers’ Day presents while Nathaniel took us outside.  It was so hot; many kids came in early on their own accord.  The main attraction outside is the roller coaster.  The kids have been excited to have it up and running again.

The water table has the amazing Hart tubes.  The kids get to choose where to put the tubes and then follow the water.  Today something new happened.  After many kids had set up the tubes and played for a while, Liam was testing them out.  One thing led to another (meaning I wasn’t around to see what triggered his great discovery) and I see Liam blowing into one of the tubes which causes a large amount of water to come spraying out of another tube directly at him!  Despite getting wet, he continued to entertain the other kids as they filled up the tubes and turned them different ways.

We had several tired kids today.  I think that the weather and late light are beginning to play havoc on their bodies.  Do your best to keep them on a regular sleep schedule and you and the kids will be happier for it.

My thanks to Anthony and Nathaniel for all of their help today!