Wednesday, May 1 - What We Did Today!

Today was a bit of a crazy day.  Lots of energy!  We started our day with a question – “How many butterflies do we have?”  The kids ran over to the terrarium to check on the chrysalides and found one empty.  Looking around they found the butterfly on some food.  Some of them were able to see him using his proboscis to drink from a cotton ball.

Outside, the kids were running, climbing, playing cars, and building yeti traps.  Rowan found his stick which looks like Gandalf’s staff to me, flipped it upside down and told me it was a hockey stick and wanted to know where a hockey ball was.  I found a flat round object and said “here’s your hockey puck” at which point he began playing hockey.

Inside, there was a large group at the playdough table.  Each time someone would join, I would ask if anyone would give some of their playdough to the new person.  After a while someone would come through with a bit of playdough allowing me to thank them for being so thoughtful which would start others to pass on a bit as well.  It is still hard for them to be willing to give something they have to others while they are still playing, but we continue to work on it!

We are still washing dishes at the water table, and funnily enough, the kids like doing it.  They feel proud of themselves, so be sure to have them help at home!

In circle, we talked about our trip to the grocery store.  The favorites of the trip seemed to be the whole snapper with the tongue and the large wheel of cheese.  I agree!  They dictated a note about their drawings, and we will send them as a thank you to Whole Foods for having us.

My thanks to Kristen and Tony for all of their help today!