Friday, April 5 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Gus’ 5th birthday with vanilla cake, cupcakes, and a song!  Gus and his family had brought in cupcakes and the class made vanilla cake, so the kids got to choose between a cupcake or a piece of cake.

In first circle, we talked about some of the jobs in our community.  I showed them on our map where the jobs were located and asked them to see what job was closest to their house.  Hopefully, that will inspire them to check out our map again and notice various details.

As Tony was helping with the cake, I was outside in the pouring rain watching all of the activity.  Margot was the first to find and put to use the large hole filled with water.  She was enjoying jumping up and down in it.  When she took a break, Bash and Rowan were doing some construction work with the trucks in the hole.  Simon, Liam, Bodhi, and Rowan were playing their car game which continues to evolve.  It originally was racing hot wheel like cars up the slide to see if they could get them to the top.  Now, it has become a challenge to see who can send their car down the slide in time to hit Simon’s car that is going up.  If you ask them how the car landed, they are very descriptive with the number of times it turned over and what things it jumped over before landing.

Sebastian, Margot and Bash each took turns chopping the pumpkin up.  It had begun to rot, so I took it outside.  It was a process they all enjoyed.

Inside, kids were creating tools for firefighters.  Lex made a ladder, Gus made a water supply with a hose in it, and Bodhi made a mask with an air hose to breathe through.

My thanks to Angie and Tony for all of their help today!