Thursday, April 4 - What We Did Today!

Today was picture day, and the kids did great.  They were excited to see the Smile Bus and almost all of them had their picture taken.  There will be a couple missing from the group photo though.

This took up most of our, mainly my, day so things were a bit disjointed.  I forgot my camera, so the time I was able to see what was going on, is missing photographic evidence. 

Josh had many of the kids over the class time working on collages.  I think collages leave room for kids to process colors, shapes, designs, and everything else used in the art creation.  Unless the kids are trying to copy the adult, this will be a definite “kids only” work.

Playdough was as popular as usual with many kids creating at the “bakery”.  There were cookies, cakes, and cupcakes being shared with Ayo and me.

The fire fighters were busy for a while, putting out fires in the loft.  Baker and Knox were working on their car – the stereo – when Baker tells Knox to go get some oil.  I asked Knox if he knew where the oil was, and he headed straight for the fridge in the kitchen and pulled out three bottles.

We had snack all together as once the pictures were finished, it was well past snack time.  The kids seemed to handle this well and sat all together at the long table chatting and passing snack to each other.

My thanks to Josh and Ayo for all of their help today!