Tuesday, April 30 - What We Did Today!

Today we had special visitors from the office next-door.  Familia’s en Accion is a Latino organization that helps those in the Latino community with any necessary health issues.  Rebecca read us two books, one about community and one bilingual book about the body.  They came to celebrate kids’ day which is a tradition in Mexico (and/or Latin America.)  When they were finished, they gave each of the kids a coloring book and a bag filled with crayons, stickers, and bubbles.  Gracias!

I was working with the kids on something special, so I didn’t get many pictures taken, but they were so busy working together, I wasn’t needed elsewhere which was unusual.  They were outside with Justin for a bit, then inside with Amber and I.  The water table is filled with warm soapy water with dishes to be washed.  These kids have dishwashing down, so be sure to utilize them at home.

The dry table has dirt and trucks for excavating or just moving dirt!  There is much interest in the movement of dirt, as is expected from 3, 4, and 5 years old.  They have been peaking into the aquarium to see if we have butterflies yet, but we are still 5 chrysalides to 0 butterflies.  Just a few more days!

There were several groupings at drop off today.  A group of boys playing with the wooden garage and cars were working through some rougher play and how to maneuver that while still having fun.  A group of girls were playing in the grocery store and dressing up.  These may seem like gender roles, but this is not the norm with this group.  There are several kids who “crossover” the gender stereotype regularly and therefore bring another voice to the play.

My thanks to Justin, Amber, and Ayo for all of their help today!