Monday, April 29 - What We Did Today!

Today we had our field trip to Whole Foods.  Ben was our guide through the store as well as person of knowledge regarding Whole Foods.  We started at the front entrance where he greeted us and showed us the flowers which were amping up for the Mothers’ Day holiday.  We checked out the apples, mangos, and berries which he told us come from all over.  In this case, Mangos from Mexico, berries from California and apples from Oregon.

We saw the pizza area, premade food options, and salad bar.  When we arrived at the pastry cases, he stopped to ask us if we new the name of the person who makes coffee.  We gave them the first syllable and the first answers we got were barber and Starbucks.  No, barista! 

We discovered the yummy looking desserts and Margot wanted to know where the pastries were.  (I didn’t even notice they were gone!)  Ben told us that the pastry chef, who usually starts at 5:00 AM, was sick and didn’t make it in today.  Is there really a 5:00 in the morning?

We found out that they have things other than food for sale when he showed us some frog candles and handmade soap on our way to the frozen foods.  Ben asked us which of the refrigerated foods was the coldest and we discovered it was the frozen foods, followed by the yogurt and milk.

At the meat counter, we found out that the guy behind the counter was called a butcher, he cuts the meat and packages it.  Next to that was the fish counter with all of the various types of fish.  My favorite was a red snapper that was held up to show us his tongue.  I never knew!  And the guy behind the counter is not a fishcher, he is a monger.

As we passed through the wine area (no free samples) the kids did a great job keeping their hands at their sides on our way to the cheese counter.  We saw an amazing wheel of Gouda that was huge – about $80 worth!  My thanks to Brittni, Brad and Bevin for their help on the field trip as well as in the classroom!