Friday, April 26 - What We Did Today!

Today we talked about wiggly worms and how they help the soil and plants.  We also found out about the egg sack or cocoon that travels down their body as eggs are deposited until it falls off and into the dirt.  From there, some of the kids went outside to look for worms.

The class was split with about six kids out and six kids in.  Things went along fairly smoothly.  Inside, we were making butterflies using liquid starch and tissue squares.  Once they dry, we will add antenna and they will be ready to fly!

The water table was set-up to wash dishes.  Many kids practiced this skill with much success.  You may be able to utilize this at home.

The grocery store was once again turned into a restaurant.  This class much prefers dining out to going shopping.  Una, Eliza, and Bodhi were working at the restaurant while Addy was “Super Addy” protecting others from danger.

Outside, I noticed a couple of kids talking about zombie games.  I tried to figure it out, but I am definitely without zombie knowledge, so I continued to listen hoping to gain some insight.  Molly and Bodhi were busy scrubbing the play structure while Gus was washing the ground.  Everything looks ship shape now!

Liam and Simon were, as usual, playing their car game.  They had to work around the cleaners while the slide was being washed, but other than that, they were not slowed down at all.

With the rummage sale in the gym, we took a treasure hunt around the block.  We found beautiful leaves, petals, and flowers, cool pokey balls and sticks, and my favorite lichen – especially old man’s beard.

My thanks to Jake and Nathaniel for all of their help today!