Tuesday, April 23

Today we celebrated Harlan’s 4th birthday with a song and rainbow cake.  There were 6 helpers, but only two colors in the rainbow cake.  It is amazing how many colors you loose if you don’t have any red food coloring!

At the art table, Sara was working with the kids while they created their version of a caterpillar ala Eric Carle.  They are so darling!  And the ideas – he has to have legs, don’t forget the white in his eyes.  If your child made on, we attached it to their green houses.

Speaking of the green house gardens, be sure to ask you kids about them.  Only a few kids decided not to make one.  They are growing Sugar Snap Peas and I already see roots and green starting toward the top of the soil!

Morrie and I sat and worked on his book.  He finished his dictation, and we were able to read it to the class at the end of the day.  Nice job Morrie!  Three to go before our authors’ Tea on May 9th.

Outside, there was lots of action, some were creating a path for the truck to drive down using some boards and blocks.  Others were saving each other from bad pirates.  There was a question of how you know which pirates are bad and which are good, but I don’t think it was taken very seriously.  Alex was enjoying the play structure and hanging from the cross beams.  And, of course, there was lots of digging.

Inside, there was a large group that began by grocery shopping only to be found later under the loft sleeping and preparing for their lunch.  They were busy creating imaginative stories all morning.

During circle, we took a look at our caterpillars only to discover they were all chrysalides!  We learnt a song describing the journey of metamorphosis and acted out being each stage.

My thanks to Sara, Cara, and Debbie for all of their help today!