Monday, April 22 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated River’s 5th birthday with a song and chocolate cake!  There were only two full time bakers and one part timer.  The cake was ooey, gooey good!

At the art table, we were using various shapes of pasta to show the four stages of metamorphous a butterfly goes through.  Now that the caterpillars are all in the chrysalis stage, most of the kids can tell you all four stages.

Outside, Cheryl was busy the entire morning.  At first most of the kids were out there.  Bash, Sebastian and Addy were looking for worms.  Liam, Simon, and Bodhi were flying cars up the slide.  Others were running around chasing each other.

In the dramatic play area, I had set-up a grocery store.  Eliza was working the cash register while Margot shopped with her baby.  When I checked out my bill for ½ a bag of baking supplies was 98.31.  That’s even worse than Whole Foods!

I set-up some items in the water table for mixing.  There was glue and liquid starch and some food coloring, all liquids.  From these Josie, Gus and Lex created a solid, Glop!  We thought more kids might want to make some, but only Julian came over to work with the mixtures.  Josie told him what to do and ta-da!  A new substance.

Up in the loft, I have set-up a smaller version of our home area, so that those who love to play family will still be able to and sure enough, after shopping, Una, Eliza, and Bodhi took their groceries up to the loft and made dinner.

We read about dentists and the tools they use.  Then Pooky was ready for anyone who wanted to practice cleaning teeth.  We have also been reading a new chapter book called “The Princess in Black” which the kids seem to be really enjoying.

My thanks to Violet and Cheryl for all of their help today.  Also, to Julian who volunteered to help out today as his school had a day off.