Tuesday, April 2 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids came in as if they had been here all of last week.  They jumped right in working together in groups, joining others and leaving some.

At the art table, we had an explorative project.  There were squeeze bottles of red, yellow, and blue paint and a tray of various objects to move the paint with.  For some of the kids, the exploration was in squeezing the paint onto cake or pie pans, watching as the colors swirled together making new colors.  For others, it was manipulating the paint with the sticks, rollers, corks and/or any of the other “tools” on the table.  The last step was to make a monoprint with the paint.

The bakery was set-up with vanilla dough, rolling pins, cutters, tart pans, small pie pans, and other bakery tools.  Once they created a bakery treat, they put it in the oven and waited a minute or, on occasion, two for the donut, cookie or cake to be finished.

The water table is set-up with pictures of fire and bottles painted red to represent fire extinguishers.  The kids used the extinguishers to put out the fires by aiming the bottles and squirting the pictures.

Cordelia dictated her family story to me today and we were able to finish, publish and read it to the class.  We also read a story about the Smile Bus, our photographer’s studio.  I talked them through the process of getting on the school bus with me, having their picture taken, and then having a class picture taken.  If your child seems to be showing some concerns, be sure to remind them that I will be with them the entire time.

The loft is now a fire station with hoses and outfits.  Not too many kids tried this out today, so I will be interested to see if it catches on.

My thanks to Ali and Michelle for all of their help today!