Thursday, April 18 - What We Did Today!

Today we read “All About Me” written by Elliette Victor.  Elliette is number eight leaving us with only four more to write and read before our May 9th Authors’ Tea!

We had two grandmas help out today, Elliette’s Grandma and Harlan’s Nonie.  They did a super job with the kids, and I hope they enjoyed themselves.  At the art table with Nonie, we had various beads and stringing implements allowing kids some choices in what they would like to make and how.  Many of the kids took this on and persisted through with their plans.

Outside, kids were busy playing in the mud as well as on the slide.  It was a beautiful day, but many of the kids had no desire to go out.  They preferred dressing up as a fire fighter or astronaut with a jet pack on. 

Alex chose to build a marble run and got pretty far before others wanted to test it out.   He let them help out and they took turns running the marbles through the four levels of the marble run.

Several fancily dressed ladies headed through the area and ended in the library reading the “My Family” books by fellow preschoolers.

My thanks to Donna and Caroline for all of their help today!  It was a joy to have you.