Wednesday, April 17 - What We Did Today!

Today these kids were absolutely wonderful!  They were great in circle, they were great outside, and they were great inside!  Excellent.  Of course, I forgot my phone for pictures to document any of this, so I will just write about what we were up to.

Outside with Aaron, there was the usual play going on, finding worms, water in the sandbox, and cars flying up the slide.  Many of the kids were out there for most of the morning, working together, helping others find worms, and out doing one another in the number of rotations their cars completed following flying up the slide!

Inside, four or five kids were working at the art table as they painted pots for planting.  As each one finished, a new kid would take their place.

The sensory table had finger paint in four different colors.  I was able to get a couple of prints from the work done there.

The water table had many visitors, but I think it was missing something.  I had taken the tubes the kids build with and built a beginning structure for water to flow through.   Kids tried this out several times and then decided to change it (which is what it was for!)  As it shifted, more water ended up on the floor than in the table, so I need to find what was missing to make it a smoother transition from one building to another.

many paleontologists discovered rare bones in the dry table.  I was asked for evidence bags and once I gave them to those that asked, they headed straight to the Museum of Natural History.  All of this was acted by the kids playing without and adult input.  Nice job!

I introduced my friend Pooky, who has the most amazing teeth.  They are bright white and sparkly clean.  He told the kids they can practice brushing on his teeth if they would like to.

My thanks to Rachel and Aaron for all of their help today!