Thursday, April 11 - What We Did Today!

Today many kids started out with the water table, practicing brushing teeth.  Of course, the fun was in squirting the toothpaste around and then brushing anything with the brush.  Add to that the texture and scent and you are using four of your seven senses.  Who could resist?

At the art table, we were using liquid watercolors and droppers to add color to butterfly and star cut-outs.  The butterflies are being hung from our tree branch while the stars get to go home.

The playdough has been a bit sticky lately, but the kids use play dough for so many reasons, I didn’t throw it away.  While we all know that play dough is a great sensory tool, it is also one of the best ways for kids to talk with other kids.  If you are shy or quiet, you can work on a project and watch as others work on theirs.  When you or they need a tool, you ask to borrow when they are finished.  Conversations start up around what they are making, what something looks like, adding to a story line and much more.  This is not as intimidating as joining someone’s play.

The fire fighters were busy in the loft until someone decided to make the biggest bed ever.  They had taken all of the pillows and laid them out next to the jumping pad, side by side.  They said it was big enough for the whole classroom to use!

Outside, worms were being dug up and cared for (today there were four.)  The large puddle was used for jumping and then being filled with dirt.  Kids were working really well with each other.

I was able to take dictation from Oliver and finish his book.  We read it during circle.  We were also able to read Seyi’s book as our last story.  These kids are doing a wonderful job as authors!  My thanks to Alycia, her Mum, and Michelle for all of their help today!