Thursday, March 7 - what We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Morrie’s 5th birthday with a song and strawberry cake.  There were seven bakers and from what the class said, it was a great cake!

Jess and I started working on book jackets and even though I forgot several things, we were able to get through 5 ½ of them.  Please remember to bring in 8 pictures of your child’s family, 4x6 is the best size.

Several of the kids were up in the loft pirate ship shooting cannons.  They seem to be enjoying themselves and not bothering those that didn’t want to play, so I didn’t stop the eventual guns that showed up.  For me, guns are about responsibility.  The kids are expected to check with others before shooting their guns nearby.  If the guns scare a child (or an adult), they can’t play guns around those people.  In this game everything went fine.  The kids have been building their guns from the tubes in the manipulation area, but if there weren’t any tubes, they would find something else.  This is a natural and age appropriate game that allows them to try out ways they can take care of themselves and others. 

The warm water in the water table was a draw for many of the kids.  Some because they like to blow bubbles, but also the feel is very calming.  Alex built a ship that was also a submarine and spent enough time testing it in the water that I’m sure his hands were pruny!  Lisette and others also joined in.

Our new guineas are getting along so well together, I haven’t had to do any disciplining.  Four of the kids held three guineas for a while, feeding them carrots and petting them.  All were very gentle, even the guineas.

My thanks to Jess and Michael for all of their help today!