Wednesday, March 6 - What We Did Today!

Today several kids were outside in the snow with Nathaniel.  They were playing the “sweeper” game which wears them out allowing them to give up the broom and take turns.  Liam was using the hoe to break down the log again after checking to see if there were any ants still living there.  There were many kids at first, but eventually, they came inside to warm up.  Poor Nathaniel, however, had to be out there the entire day due to our hard-core outsiders Bash, Bodhi and Sebastian!

At the art table, we were working with negative images by using tape to cover part of our canvas, followed by chalk dampened with water.  There were other interpretations as well.  Several kids were taping the edges of the canvas, some were using the sponge after coloring with chalk, and some were just enjoying the chalk on the canvas.

At first circle, I showed the kids how to check the map to see where they live and where others from our school community live.  Then I asked them who lived closest to them.  They picked up how to use the map very quickly.  We will add various jobs within our community as we continue to check out options in our area.  Right now, we have our school and the post office.

I saw a lot of physics going on today as kids tested theories while working with manipulatives.  River had four trapezoid magna tiles in a square.  Then he added a square top.  He continued adding the squares until it caused the trapezoids to fall flat from the weight which he explained to me was because he had added one too many.  Liam and Simon were also working physics into their play.  They were creating a design similar to the game Mouse Trap where one thing causes something else to happen which causes something else to occur, and on and on.  Theirs of course had to do with balls and baskets!

My thanks to Tamera and Nathaniel for all of their help today!