Tuesday, March 5 - What We Did Today!

Today no one wanted to go outside!  The sun was glorious, but there was just too much else going on.  We had three families checking out the school along with two kids and the kids handled the extra bodies very well.  As a matter of fact, I am thinking of recruiting James as our spokesperson.  He let each family know that I was “Teacher” Sam because I teach him!  Can’t get a much better spokesperson than one who sounds and acts joyous about our school!

Inside, many kids were with Josh creating at the art table using tape, sponges, and chalk for their media.  Some of them chose to just use tape which made me think that it might be a fun project for them as well.

A contingency of boys was playing in the loft.  When I wandered over, I found out that they were playing a game from a television show.  Not knowing the game, I asked them what it was.  It was a pirate who had cats who was bad.  The boys had built a pirate ship in the loft (or the loft may have been the ship and the blocks were the cannon) and after trying to have two of the other kids play the role of the bad guy, they decided I was the bad guy and used their cannon to shoot me.  Out of the cannon came a handful of scarves showing them they got a hit!  Pretty creative!

At the play dough table, Alex built a city.  Harlan and June were painting at the easel while dancing and singing.  Elliette and Oliver were eating at the café.  Elliette became the cook for a bit after I finished up.

My thanks to Josh and Melinda for all of their help both with the kids and with our visitors!