Monday, March 4 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Simon’s 5 ½ birthday with a song and carrot cake.  The cake was wonderful and the kids that helped even grated and peeled carrots!

We brought up our map making again.  On the back of the blueprint that I had shown them Friday, I made a rectangle and then asked the kids where the door was for our classroom, what was in the corner, what was in each of the areas of the room.  They did a great job and as a way to end circle, I asked them to draw where they were sitting on our map.

A few of them went to the art table and made their own maps.  Josie made a candy map and Simon made a map of his house and then a picture of the front of his house.  Most of the kids started out the day outside with Bevin.  They seem to enjoy their new “sweeper” game.  It involves a lot of running, the push broom, and taking turns.  When I was checking out what they were up to, Rowan had just managed to split another piece of log a part.  He showed me all of the ants that were there.  I showed him all of the eggs and larva there as well.  After a short discussion, we agreed that we should find another log for him to work on, while the ants found another home.

As beautiful as it was outside, it was still very cold.  Consequently, one by one all but the hardy returned inside and found something else to work on.  Molly, Liam, Josie, and Una were up in the loft eating take out from the café below, Gus was adding to the classroom map, and River was working on the writing table.

My thanks to Kristen and Bevin for all of their help today!