Thursday, March 21 - What We Did Today!

Today we were missing two kids, leaving us with only 10 and three adults.  Taking that into account as well as the fact that this class takes care of itself, I had a lot of opportunities to hang with the kids.  There were many different conversations which I don’t always get to have.  It was great!

Lisette was able to write her book, My Family, and we read it at last circle.  Both Lisette’s and Harlan’s books are on display in the library.  Pick one up and read with the author, they love to let you know all about themselves.

At the art table, Amber was working with the kids creating hats for spring.  They were amazing.  Several of the kids were sporting their hats once they had dried.

The bubbles in the water table brought up some great conversations.  James was working hard with the metal ring as he was attempting to create a dome bubble on the surface of the water and also a “bubble mirror” in the ring.  Lisette reminded them that they could put their hand through the bubble while it was on the ring, so many kids were attempting this, not always with success. 

Working at the bakery, the kids were making cookies, pies and cakes.  Cordelia made two cupcakes, one for an adult and one for a kid.  Seyi started with heart shaped cookies, rolling out the dough, sometimes blending the dough to make it wide enough for the cookie cutter, and then baking them in the oven.  Elliette was working on a cake.

Oliver, Baker, and Alex were outside for a while though I didn’t get out to see what they were up to.  June and Harlan, after creating their bonnets, dressed up and headed for the box.  Alex and June had already told me where to cut some windows, and now, Harlan and June decorated the inside with pillows, helmets, and musical instruments.  They were rocking out at one point, enjoying the space and their music.

My thanks to Amber and George for all of their help today!