Wednesday, March 20 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids were comparable to a hurricane.  Well, not really, but close.  The energy a lone could have heated the entire neighborhood (once I figure out how to harness it!)  I would like to think it was due to the first day of spring or possibly the sun.  I will know more on Friday.

First circle was tough.  We had tight quarters with our giant box in the circle area which did not help hands to stay in laps.  Then, trying to get it quiet was near impossible.  Songs didn’t work, hands in the air didn’t work, finally we tried volcano breaths which also left much to be desired.  So, we cut it short and moved on.

Outside was a busy place when Jake first headed out.  Sebastian, Bash, Gus, and Rowan were playing the Yeti game, but lately, Sebastian has been the Yeti which has given the helpers a break.  It is not easy to be a Yeti in a preschool.  Simon and Liam were testing gravity while running their cars up the slide and into the structure.  This had to be curtailed a bit when they began flying over the structure and landing very close to others.  River, Bash, Sebastian, and Rowan were digging in the sand box and began using the water.  This brought many kids over for a bit before snack time.

The art table had few visitors.  There were any number of flowers, leaves, beads, ribbons, feathers and other miscellaneous tools for making spring hats.   As kids checked out the art table, they noticed the play dough bakery and headed right over.  There are so many great things that play dough offers the kids, I can’t imagine not having it.  The water table has been collecting soap to make bubbles with.  The favorite tool is still the metal ring although there is a tube that is a close second.  There was a family living in the dramatic play area.  Gus was the only one to decide what to do with the large box.  He told me that he wanted it to be a tunnel house.  He showed me where he would like the window to be, then padded the tunnel with pillows and added items to make it more of a home.

My thanks to Nathaniel and Jake for all of their help today!