Tuesday, March 19 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids floated through the classroom doing various things for about 45 minutes before heading outside for the glorious sunshine.  Once there, they were building a pathway that they then practiced walking on.  They noticed that it was wobblier on the dirt than it was on the green turf.  I asked why that was and Cordelia said because of the rain.  Now, if you take that at face value, you might say, “but it’s not raining.”  But if you think several steps ahead, you may say, “because of the rain the dirt is uneven or bumpy, so the wood is not flat like it is on the turf.”  Aha! 

Inside, I was able to help Seyi with the writing of her book.  She did a great job!  We will read it when her family is parent helping.  Get those pictures in or email them to me and I can print them out for you.

The art table was a project using yarn and liquid starch to create a design.  At the play dough table, a lot of bakers were cooking away creating all sorts of goodies.  The water table has soapy water and lots of bubble blowing equipment.  One of the favorite pieces is a metal ring.  As it is pulled out of the water, it creates bubble on top of the water like a dome and it has bubble solution in the ring itself.  By the end of the day, there was so many suds, I couldn’t find any of the equipment.

I brought in one of the biggest boxes I’ve ever had.  It was someone’s sofa box.  I didn’t give the kids any direction, but I was hoping someone would think about making a rocket ship.  After hiding inside for a bit, it was left alone until Morrie decided it should be flat.  He worked very hard taking off tape and pushing on the ends.  As it finally gave way, he had created a tunnel that he crawled through and hid.  During circle, we used it to put our pillows on!

My thanks to Judy and Jason for all of their help today!