Monday, March 18 - What We Did Today!

Today in first circle, many of the kids wanted to share with the group.  Liam shared about how he backed up his team mate at T-ball practice.  Then Eliza shared a map she had of downtown Portland.  She laid the map out on the rug and showed us where Pioneer Place Shopping was located.  She told us she had gone there over the weekend.  Other kids quickly jumped in saying, “Hey that’s the tram!  I was on the tram yesterday.” Or “I was at the zoo.  Where is the zoo?”  It was so great to see them figuring out where things were by asking a friend or searching themselves.

Outside in the glorious weather, Kristen hung while various kids came and went.  There was the shooting alien game, the sweeper game, and the Yeti game going.  They were also climbing the ladder in the trees as well as the trees themselves.

Inside, I wandered while Violet was working at the art table first and later moved to the play dough with about four bakers cooking for her.  There was pizza, cookies, cake, and probably anything you might like to eat.  Turns were taken to use the oven as more and more goodies were made.

In the café, Lex was enjoying a light lunch made for him by Eliza while Addy just had tea.  Liam took the money.  As Addy moved on, Lex and Eliza went from café to house and were quickly married.  Bodhi joined them as their play became more involved.  First, they were putting out a fire, but that caused them to miss the fireworks.  Lex said we can make our fireworks and the three of them went right to work.

Gus did an amazing job building a marble run which brought other kids to the area to build as well.My thanks to Violet and Kristen for all of their help today!