Thursday, March 14 - What We Did Today!

Today we were busy making rockets!  It was so fun to stand back and watch as the kids worked through their ideas about how to create a 3-D object based on an idea or picture.  Dustin had a lot of activity at the table as one child would notice what another had created and wanted to try also.

The class seemed at first to be broken into three groups of four although the kids in each group may have changed during the activity.  For instance, while four kids were building rockets, there were four at the play dough table with Alycia.  They were busy writing their names using play dough.  This shifted a bit when members came and went.  The last I saw were bakers making cakes, pizza, and other things.  They put them in the oven and watched as the timer counted down.  A great way for them to learn how long a minute is (because, of course, each of these only needed to cook for 1 minute!) 

Over at the dry table, there were four kids at a zoo feeding the wild animals.  They were creating various scenarios for the zoo keeper to interact with the animals.  Of course, there is always how the animals interact with each other which changed based on who was creating the scenario!

At other times, the groups moved to the moon where kitties on the moon will surely be a sitcom soon.  The final part of free play for me, was working with Harlan as she wrote her book.  She did a fabulous job and we were able to read it to the class as well.  As you get your pictures into me, we will be writing your child’s book about family.  My thanks to Dustin and Alycia for all of their help today!