Wednesday, March 13 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Lex’s birthday with a song and banana cake!  I was in charge of the cake with no help, when Josie took pity on me and started helping.  Bodhi joined in not too much later and the three of us made an awesome banana cake.

The loft has been turned in to the moon or space, and the kids had a great time up there.  Several crews landed and returned to earth throughout the day.  We read a bit about the rocket that NASA astronauts took to the moon and found out some of the tools they needed while in space.  Rowan, Bodhi, Molly and Josie built a rocket ship to take to our moon then blasted off.

At the art table, the task was to build something they might need if they were going to the moon.  Some kids made rockets, but most built jet packs.  I loved watching these kids think about what parts of the scrap I had on the table they would need, how they would attach pieces, and how to make it stay on their bodies.  Excellent problem solving!

Outside, Brad once again took on the beloved role of Yeti.  The kids loved it and were outside until he needed a break from being a Yeti.  At this point, they were ready to join us in the classroom.  Thank you, Brad, for keeping the Yeti alive!

Eliza and Una started out in the dramatic play (café, not space) and quickly changed their game to family.  They dressed up to go to a wedding which must have been pretty fancy as Una was wearing shoes with jewels.

My thanks to Lisa and Brad for all of their help today!