Monday, March 11 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Bodhi’s 4 ½ birthday with a song and banana cake!  The cake was divine and the bakers amazing!

Our question of the day was “Would you like to be an astronaut?”  Only Una, Bodhi and Liam answered yes.  During circle, we read a book called Roaring Rockets which showed us a chick, a mouse, and a rabbit going to space.  It mentioned and we talked about gravity boots, the Lunar lander, and fuel tanks.  This seemed to bring more interest to the possibility of becoming an astronaut.

From there, several kids went straight to the art table to build rockets.  Gus and Margot jumped right in with their ideas.  Simon wanted to know more before attempting to build.

Cheryl was outside with about eight kids the entire free time.  Some of the kids were continuing their game of shooting aliens, while others had begun new games.  Liam was digging a hole in the garden.  He must have dug at least a foot and a half.  Bash, Sebastian, and Gus were throwing a very bouncy ball until it disappeared then they shifted to a chase game.  River was cleaning off the turf so others wouldn’t trip!  Margot was adding large blocks of wood to the slide so that she could slide into them.  This became the game of choice soon after, and with kids sliding down, knocking the large blocks off, they had to rebuild them for the next child to slide into giving them some heavy work to do which was much needed.

In the dramatic play area, Eliza, Addy, and Una were dressed up and eating in the café.  I think to them it was a house and they were playing family.  Josie and Molly joined in above the loft as alien and friend.  Evidently, Josie was turned into an alien while she was playing outside.  Molly told her she was her friend and would take care of her.

All in all, these kids are doing great!  My thanks to Rachel and Cheryl for all of their help today!