Friday, March 1 - What We Did Today!

This group showed a lot of creativity, problem solving, and team work today.  As we began our circle, we slowed for a bit and let kids just ask questions.  They were all over the map, but everyone had a chance to share something with us. 

Once settled in, I showed them blueprint of a building.  We looked at a picture of a room and then the map of a room.  A picture of a house and then a map of the house.  We finished with a picture of a street and a map of a street to talk about what kind of map we could make.  The ideas were awesome – A map of a treasure, candy store, rainbow, heart shaped map, a map of the school!  Some of the ideas built on others’ ideas, but eventually, they were individual thoughts.  I asked them if they would like to make individual maps and they were excited, so Monday we will be making maps!

A large group of kids headed outside at the end of circle.  They were playing a chasing game that Rowan called “Sweeping you off your Feet”.  It consisted of a sweeper (the chaser) with the push broom and any other players (those being chased).  As they were chasing or being chased, they would get tired pushing the broom and let someone else have a turn.  This went on for a long time.  Others were digging and creating with loose parts from around the play area.  Margot’s looked like a professional sculpture!

Inside, Sara was in the dramatic play area with several kids cooking and serving in the “Irvington Café”.  Eliza started out as the cook and server.  From what Sara told me, she was doing a great job waiting on, taking orders from, and cooking for the other kids who came into the café.  I checked it out later as I noticed more and more kids heading into the café.  The beginnings of some arguments were mainly about wanting turns, but they managed to solve their problems with little help from the adults.  As Liam joined, he created his own job.  He became the phone and drive through order taker as well as the cashier.  Bodhi also wanted a chance at this job and Liam let him take over when he had to go visit a friend who was ill!

So much fun and so little time!  My thanks to Sara and Jake for all of their help today!