Wednesday, February 6 - What We Did Today!

Today was a rather strange day.  Partly, this was due to having five kids absent which changes the dynamics of the class, but also, coming off of a snow day, there was still excitement about the snow and whether there was any snow still outside.  There were a few spots with ice-snow still around and Margot picked one up off of the picnic table.  It reminded me of a snowflake.  I brought out a magnifying class and the kids each took turns checking it out through the bigger lens.

Inside, we talked a bit more about Chinese New Year and what they remembered.  Josie remembered that she was the year of the horse, which made her extremely happy.  The others were all Year of the Horse as well, so I read what type of personality that stood for.  Our snakes were all absent today.

In honor of Chinese New Year, we made lanterns at the art table.  They are made out of paper with a candle inside.  I told the kids that they could have an adult light the candle as long as the adult stayed with it while it was burning. The dramatic play area was set-up with lanterns, decorations, and the table set with a Chinese meal.  There are also Chinese traditional costumes in the area.

The manipulatives had a wok game with chopsticks, beads, and bowls.  The idea is to take the beads from the wok and place into the bowls.  There is also a dragon boat game.  Several kids were playing this with Trisha.

The day zipped by quickly, and Iā€™m not sure why I describe it as strange, but something just felt off.  Perhaps, it was just me not able to move beyond a snow day!  Oh, well!  My thanks to Trisha and Sara for all of their help today!