Thursday, February 28 - What We Did Today!

Wow!  First blog in a week!  I don’t know about you all, but I was ready to see and work with your kids!  Boy, did I miss them.  Of course, once here, there was more time to make assessments of how they are doing as most of them don’t need me to get through a day of preschool.

Here is an example.  Baker and Knox were in dramatic play feeding raccoons.  Morrie joined them later and the game was now feeding T-Rex’s.  No problems with the shift, no problems when someone joined in, essentially no problems.  Great job on their part.

Outside, Lisette and Oliver were digging.  Lisette was looking for treasure and she found it – a plastic, green snake.  She began to create a home for her snake.  By now, Harlan, June, Cordelia, James, Baker Knox, and Morrie had come outside.  Cordelia, Harlan and June were climbing the rope to the top of the slide while James began helping Lisette plan for her snake. Morrie, Knox and Baker were running while Alicia chased them around the structure.  When I turn around, I notice the last two kids joining us, Elliette and Seyi.  All eleven kids playing various games taking each other into account.  It was awesome!

My thanks to Allie and Alicia for all of their help today!