Thursday, February 21 - What We Did Today!

Today we were down two kids and one helper.  With only 10 kids, there wasn’t an issue with just two adults other than the clean-up at the end didn’t happen.  The kids handled it well.

At the art table, we were dropping liquid watercolors onto various types of paper and used a straw to blow the paint around the paper.  We found that coffee filters were beautiful colors, but you were not able to blow the paint as it absorbed into the paper so quickly.  The slick paper left you plenty of time to blow, but also left you puddles.  The regular drawing paper was not the nicest looking but was the best compromise.

The soup cooking continued with new combinations such as onion pear and everything but the sink!  The kids are having fun pretending to cut, mix and cook.  They are even ladling the soup into bowls and offering it to others.

In the loft, June, James, and Cordelia were playing guitar and ukuleles as a trio.  Below them, Knox and Baker were feeding their dragons.  Evidently, dragons have a preference for Chinese food.  Who knew!

Although we started snack early, that didn’t stop play dough creations from happening.  As soon as I moved the play dough aside, someone immediately let me know that they wanted to play with it. There were pies, pizzas, cookies and hearts.  Everything anyone could ask for.

My thanks to George for all of his help today and the rest of you stay healthy!