Wednesday, February 20 - What We Did Today!

Today we were down one helper.  Bevin was a big help by coming in early and doing some of the morning jobs and Aaron came in just before gym and set up for us.  So, I wanted to put out a big thank you to both of them as well as Rachel for helping out at the last minute.  Normally we would cancel school, but with two kids absent and the glorious sun shining, Rachel and I were able to make it work.

We started out by writing a page for our latest book, My Community.  Today’s was about mail carriers or our trip to the mail box.  The kids did well, drawing their pictures and then telling Rachel and I what to write.

Most of the kids headed outside right away.  The weather was glorious and when you check the pictures you will see how much enjoyment they got while basking in the sun.  Of course, the enjoyment also came from playing Yeti, digging a large hole and filling it with water, climbing into the trees and various other actions.

At the art table, a few kids headed over after coming in from the outside.  They were using contact paper to place colored tissue squares, overlapping was encouraged.  Once finished, we sealed the tissue between two sheets of contact paper.  At this point, the kids could cut the product into a shape to hang in the window or hang it as is.  They are quite pretty when the light shines through them.

The water table was set up to make soup, stew, or whatever else the kids came up with.  As they mixed everything in the big pots, they began to ladle the soup into bowls.  I was offered a strawberry soup which was lovely.

I set up the discovery area with a white sheet hanging from the ceiling.  Using cut out animals or their hands, the kids could put on a shadow play.  My thanks to Rachel for all of her help today!