Tuesday, February 19 - What We Did Today!

Today we had 9 kids and three adults!  I found that with so few kids, there were usually two groups of four or five working together.  For instance, the dry table had anywhere from five kids working with the different tubes and cups to three kids.  At the same time, the manipulative area had four kids building with the tubes.

At the art table, I was trying to get the kids interested in making lanterns for Chinese New Year.  The project gives me a good idea of cutting skills.  Unfortunately, only Lisette and Morrie were interested.  I guess there were too many other things to do.

The play dough was one of those “other things”.  There were worms, snakes, pies, and volcanos.  Learning to take turns and sharing play dough were also among the skills being undertaken.

In the water table, the kids were making soups and stews.  They took the veggies, cut them up, and put them into the pot.  I personally consumed lemon soup, onion soup, and veggie stew.

The dry table was by far the favorite today.  As the day wore on, the set up changed from many boxes and tubes to no boxes or tubes.  From five kids pouring, scooping, and planning how to get corn from one area to another to two children sitting in the middle of the dry table scooping corn into another bin on the ground with a third child sitting inside of it!

We have all been enjoying watching the two new guineas on their side of Bill’s cage.  They both appear to be sweet, so I am hoping we will get to keep them.  My thanks to Debbie and Amber for all of their help!