Thursday, February 14 - What We Did Today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We had a great time decorating heart cookies with icing and sugar sprinkles.  I noticed the fall out half way through gym.  Tears from being frustrated due to the sugar crash is my guess.  I hope they were finished by the time you got them!

This group is so funny.  Usually, I have to keep watch on the Valentine boxes until gym time to be sure they don’t eat any candy.  This group, however, didn’t even mention to me that we hadn’t looked at our Valentines.  I just barely remembered right before it was time for pick up.

I had a new set up at the dry table.  It was a couple of boxes and some tubes put together to form various options for pouring cracked corn.  Many of the kids were at the table for the entire free time.  Others came and went.

We also made some valentines to take home today.  Seyi and Lisette were the main creators today!  The wok was busy with chopsticks picking up beads or mixing various beads.  Baker make me some sushi using the beads, chopsticks and bowls.

We finished our dragons today as well.  Knox, James, and Cordelia added tails and were flying their dragons around the room.  Cordelia’s is still hanging, so if you haven’t seen them, take a good look at hers next time you are in.

My thanks to Mim and Griffin for all of their help today!