Wednesday, February 13 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Una’s 4 ½ birthday with lemon cake and a song.  Again, the kids really seemed to enjoy this cake!  Bash, Bodhi, Josie and Una zested lemons as part of the ingredients.  Bevin took them through the roles on British Baking Show!  They had a great time.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we made our Valentine boxes today.  The kids did everything from minimal, cover and add name, to extra creative, cover, name, stamps, and other decorations.  It was helpful to see them looking for the letters in their names, not an easy task when you are sifting through a bucket full of letters in all colors!

I changed the dry table to cracked corn, boxes and tubes.  I like to watch the kids work with boxes and tubes.  They always surprise me in how they manipulate the materials.  Today, Liam and Simon decided to use the tubes and ramps for cars rather than the corn.  Others found new places to pour and watch as the corn collected at the bottom.  By the end of class, there was corn everywhere, but Liam, Simon and Molly each used a small broom and swept everything up!

At morning circle, we talked about the job of postal carrier.  We have some bags and hats along with a mail box and a sorting area for the kids to act out what a mail carrier does.  We had a lot of mail deliveries today!

Outside Talieson was taking on the role of Yeti for Sebastian first and then for Gus.  He was outside the entire morning.

My thanks to Bevin and Talieson for all of their help today!